Random Wunna Facts


.I can actually Tap dance.

.My nickname at home is ‘Boo booz.’

.I once woke up attached to a tree in Hollywood, after being offered $100 from a pervert, in a limo, for a blowjob. ( I didn’t do it…calm down.)

.I lie about my ‘March‘ Tattoo all the time.

.I always wanted to be an Icon. Now i want to be a writer….who is an icon 🙂

.I am attracted to younger than me boys. (But not in a ‘wait in a playground with my puppies’ kinda way.)

.The most famous person i’ve ever slapped is Leonardo Di Caprio.

.Actually weed in a doorstep holding someones hand

.The first time i saw Paris Hilton was when i was 21 in LA and not on the tv show.

.My first ever boyfriend was called ‘Danny

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