Random babbles…lucky you!!

Lots of ‘stuff,’ is happenning. Lots of work is appearing out of nowhere, lots of gin is being drunk in celebration, and i feel like i’m on top of the world! Whoever said it was ‘lonely at the top’ was just ‘anti social,’ as it sure as hell feels GREAT to me!! ( but i am a complete whore face…so, you judge??) When i got fired from ‘Crunch Gym,’ (who’s motto is ‘No judgements’) for wearing a skirt to work, or being too flirty or who knows?? I caused a lot of drama, and i had too many bedroom ( well parking lot) rumbles, and the boss ended up hating me, so she drop kicked me out. I don’t know what point i’m trying to make here?? Oh yeah, she’s a bitch! You could pour a bucket of water over her and she’d melt, come back to life, smack me around the face and fire me all over again!! My work there was done anyway!! hahaha! And i ended up winning that war!!

Anyway, enough!! I feeling sexy, i’m feeling happy, and i’m trying to get Gordon Ramsey to give me a cooking lesson. I might be magnificent with ‘red meat’ in the bedroom, ( and i am, i invented the mexican blowjob- who else has  invented a blow job….exactly,) yet it’s always a bit awkward with the piece that toys with me, ontop of the kitchen counter. It looks at me, and tells me to ‘F*** off!’ I think it sometimes adds, a ‘ You Slag!!.’

Oh the joys of cooking!! Oh wait i have to go, i’m explaining to a friend, why their boyfriend is like a bad pair of shoes!! ( y’know, you keep wearing them even though you know they give you blisters.) EMERGENCY!! They are turning from Superhero to Supernanny!! Not good…ever! The great thing about being a girl, is that we have, or ‘I’ have (haha) Immense power when it comes to the game of love. ‘Ooooh laaaa!’

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