Rainbow Glittered Go-Go

I’m book writing innit! The sun’s out, i’ve had the most delicious morning with my daughter. I’ve spent the majority of it rolling around on white sheets giggling with her and doing ‘ooh faces.’ Whenever i’m stressed and feeling fully spent. My little baby Ruby sort of beckons at me with her gummy smile & googly eyes, inviting Me into her world which is away from all drama and sin. I feel like we’ve lived a life together, because she doesn’t really look innocent to Me? It’s like she knows Me, inside & out and is weirdly trying to guide me through life? I’ve totally birthed a hotter, flower wearing Yoda. How ace am I! I’ve also noticed that she has quite a marvellous grip, meaning she’ll be great at snatching when she’s older. That’s a talent that most do gooders underestimate.

Anyway, i’m back to being Me and therefore with my Chattanoogas burger last night, I popped open a bottle of champagne and enjoyed it with my boy of ‘Lover-Lover.’ Writing my book makes me have to delve into my past all day long. (Which is an act i’ve never been fond of. I know, i’m always going on about how memories are all you have in the end..Yet it’s important to use your youth in order to MAKE THEM. Clinging onto your ‘misty watercolours’ prevents you from marching forward. Leave the sauntering over your past to when you’re 6o yrs in your rocking chair, knitting yourself a cardy. Or in my case…a bit of dignity…in pink. I’m HAVING  to go through my ‘back log of events’ simply because i’m Greatness and a total internet icon. 🙂 I’m getting paid to do it. If you’re not..don’t bother.)

Okay, this has got to be a quickie, as i’m trying to refrain from getting distracted. But i’m dreaming of billions, in love with ‘just life,’ feeling more confident than ever and working my ‘Va Voom.’ Lots of my chick friends are currently breaking up with their boyfriends and well if that’s happening to you, know that if you peek over your shoulder, smile, then slip on better heels, life will strut you to an even better chapter! Like i’m really proud of my workmate Lucy. Who’s really vixened her way forward and playing ‘text love’ with brand new chunka-hunka’s. That’s The Wunna way! Be lethal in a bikini and blow kisses at strangers.

I weirdly don’t care about Easter? I mean I only cared about it when I was a child and my mum would tell me the Easter bunny had come and left me chocolate. Now i’m on a diet, i seem to not give a shite at all. Lol. Holidays will only be fun to me now when Ruby grows up and I can toy with her imagination. Until then i’ll fill the moments with champagne.

Right now, i’m stress free and merry. But come Tuesday i’ll feel hidieous, as i drag my high heels into the office, OUCHY! I’ve bizarrely managed to really get everything done. The day job is going perfectly. I work amongst the most hilarious souls. My showbizzy life is dippe din *dazzle* it’s definitely on the move and all begins with the book. Loverboy and I have *high-fived* as a Team. Pete’s like a puppy…throw him a treat and he’s happy and Mummyhood is Wunnaful. Due to me having to work a lot, the time i get to spend with Rubes is amazing! We’re like this little tag team of ‘ooh laa.’ It’s important for Me as a new mum to keep life moving and to keep my work life flowing. There’s no way my little girl will ever go without. Plus who can remember being 8weeks old? *Yawn* Please! I’m not a mum who believes that all of a sudden you have to wear pleated mid-calf skirts and drink tonic water, in my Clarks between four grey coloured walls. I’m rainbow glittered and i’m all ‘go-go-go.’ I have hooch in my heels. A wiggle in mystep. I’m out and about, i’m winking and a pouting and i’m taking my baby Ruby EVERYWHERE with me. I have champagne infused evenings and dollies i’m raising a Glamour Puss. Pete and I have brought her into our life and letting her life it with us! Instead of the other way around. Now there’s no stress and because we’re never ever bored.

Pete was cute last night as he apparently didn’t realize that champagne could be guzzled at any given time ? He really thought it was only for special occasions. (Aww..) Even he’s learning fast. I currently smell of coconuts, because my tan thinks it’s Malibu and Loverboy has finally managed to make his camera know to take pictures, when you *wink.* No joke! They really can do that now! Life is grand. Don’t waste it. (I think i have a London trip this weeky!)

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