Rain, Cars & Jamming


GOD!!! I’m pissing myself off! I’ve decided to blame the fact that the day began rainy. I hate the rain. It puts me in a dodgy mood. Now everything seems to be going wrong, in the good old ‘domino’ stylio. I wanted today to be a relaxing day of household, kitty cat behaviour. Maybe ‘d do a bit of mulling around? Maybe i’d do a bit of cleaning. (I know, very Cinderella of me.) BUT NOW, I’ve gone and jammed the hoover and so nothing productive around the home can be achieved. The shit thing about jamming the Hoover is that fact that I can’t un-jam the fricking thing simply because I have NAILS.

Nails are the most annoying thing on the planet right now. You can’t do anything in them. You can text, press a button, work a Sat Nav, do up clothing, un-jam hoovers. You can’t function AT ALL and it’s annoying me to the point where I’m now going to have them taken off. I don’t have arm strength and my nail make the ends of my hands be unable to work effectively that i’ve had enough!! At the end of the day glamour is glamour, but when you’re running your household by yourself…and I am. It’s just the Kids and I doing everything on our ownsome. On some days, my mum may pop in…On other days a boy’ll pop in.  All people that I have to also look after. I mean, I don’t mind, but i’d like to feel like a Princess again. Feel of worth. Feel special. Be treated the way I deserve to be deserve to be treated. I mean, none of my bouji chick friends have to go through any of this. They sit and get pampered all day by themselves, their husbands,their children,  their blessings 🙂  and well they’re able to let the menial tasks in life, get dealt with by others. I’m tired of doing everything for everyone now. I think i’m looking for a moment, where i’m taken from my ‘Cinderella’ rags, told i’m beautiful, romanced and freed from the daily stresses of ‘the stuff i hate to do’ and treated to love, excitement and luxury. I guess, my tolerance level has taken a dip for the time being. 🙂 But whatever, i’ll pack my pity party away. It doesn’t help anything. Just annoys me more. I will tell you that I ALWAYS remember the good people, who do good things for me. I remember them and those moment beginning from waaay, waaay back. Like I remember a friend of mine Kevin Brown from when I worked at Crunch Gym, in LA. I was driving to the club, it was late, I was dressed up and it was one of those ‘never ever happens’ rainy nights in LA! It NEVER happens. Anyway, my car broke down on a busy uphill canyon and was stuck in the middle of the road causing mayhem.

I didn’t have anyone to call who could help, so I called some of the people who I would be meeting. Kevin was the only one who could help…(or who could be bothered to 🙂 ) He came as soon as he could. Pushed my car to safety. Got it towed for me and at HIS OWN expense. Told me to sit in his car as he sorted it all out and that it was a ‘man’s job and not mine to worry about. When all  was done and he was drenched in rain, he got back in his car and peacefully drove us both to the club, through the rain with a smile, a ‘nooo you don’t owe me anything,’ and a ‘lets just get to the club and get a drink pronto!’ He was just a really good guy that just did good things for people without expecting anything back for them. He was form Michigan and sort of out of sorts in Hollywood, as no-one in LA is made of the same simple goodness. It was only a small moment in my life. But i remember it. Later he told me why he did it and he said he did it because when he first moved out to LA, he was stone cold BROKE, as in had not even $5 to his name, hence why he started working at the gym. He couldn’t afford lunch one day and was starving and it took him a great deal, but he asked me if he could just borrow $3 to grab a snack. (I was on his shift.) Apparently without even flinching and because I secretly knew he really needed help and I also knew that he was a good person, who was just starting out in a big town…. i handed him over everything that was in my purse, which was only about $40 at the time, with a smile and a ‘here you go, grab yourself lunch.’ He obviously refused to take so much for his lunch, yet he said that I gave it to him with a ‘shrug’ and giggled it off deliberately to make him feel comfortable, to make sure I wasn’t demeaning him in anyway and well because i genuinely felt he needed it, without him having to say. He looked at me sooo thankfully and finally took it. HE remembered that moment and he remembered how he made that $40 last him until his next pay day. #aww. He’s the type of person who would helped anyone anyway, yet that evening, he MADE SURE that he would help me out when I needed him. I had completely forgotten about that $40. It’s crazy how the smallest moments that you don’t realize can mean so much to someone that they remember it forever. I don’t know where Kevin is today, but I truly hope life has served him well. I LOVE good people! 

Ah see, I feel much better now that i’ve remembered a happy moment.

Y’know, I can’t even get my nails taken off today because I now have no wheels. LOL. I’ve never wanted to hoover so much in my life! 🙂  My car decided to almost die on me this morning, so I had to get my mum to take the children to nursery, as I promptly drove the car to the ‘local fixer uppers.’ It had no oil, water, coolent or working brake pads and the Mercedes specialist has to also fix the faulty gear box because it is not going past 3rd. It’s in there all weekend, so no driving for me until Monday! I’m happy to have ti fixed and safe. The guy expressed how dangerous it would be for me to drive the car right now and how i needed to take better car of it. Come Monday, it’ll apparently be like a whole new ‘brum-brum’ and i’ll be able to whizz around like a glamourous…maniac, with brakes and working gear box. Yipppeee! 🙂

It’s weird because I never used to drive, but now that I do, I can’t imagine living without a car anymore!!! I don’t know how i’m going to survive until Monday? Hilarious!

It was fun because I met some really weird people this morning, a dodgy old man in a crocodile dundee hate and a finger for his keyring. Then other boys who looked like they were hooligans or naughty boys in their youth. They were on about how funny and cool it was that a bunch of kids cut the cables off a giant helium balloon thingy, that advertised a car mechanics. One of those big ridiculous ones that look like a man, that has is arms all horizontal and ready to fly. They did it for a laugh and a dare and some of the men found it funny.

I don’t think that that’s that funny. 🙂 I mean, one of those balloons costs a business £400-500, and it to fill that entire balloon up ONE TIME, it costs £150. You’ll probably have to fill it up at least 5 times to keep it a float. Well..I KNOW you do! That’s not that funny, when kids come along and cut the cable for it to float off for a laugh. But I told them that I didn’t think it was that funny. I was the only girl in the joint and they were excited by my presence, so they went with it, blushing and apologised for being stupid. 🙂 AND they brought me coffee. 🙂 BOOYAH! Bet my brakes don’t work next week though. LMAO

Well it’s Friday. Hope you’re having a great day. I can’t hoover so i’m narked off, but chipper with it. Ruby had anxiety last night and refused to go to sleep in order to wait up pointlessly. When she has anxiety she poos herself continously. It was sad to see her in that state because she craves stability. She likes routine. But this morning she was fine and she cuddled and kissed me like I was a little puppy. Brought a smile to my face. But i’m watching her and making sure that she’s in tip top emotional condition..don’t worry.

But yeah, at least the suns poked out a bit now.

Today is flying by!!

PS. How many of you cried your eyes out to Educating Yorkshire last night! We all have a crush on Mr.Burton now, don’t we! What a great human and a great teacher. Follow him on Twitter @matthewcburton




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