Quit being Dull, Forbidden Boats & My Summer Party

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I’m currently doing my favourite thing in the entire world, which is to throw everything out. Stuff will accumulate in Wunna land, not so heavily, but it’ll accumulate and i must kinda do it on purpose, just so i get to perform the art of ‘chucking it.’ I don’t hoard anything, not even my dignity, as you all pretty much know. But tonight, i’m on ‘chuck out’ mode, which means anything that i feel could go to a better place or just in the trash, will get bagged up, boxed up and lobbed out immediately and NOTHING feels better to me than decluttering. πŸ™‚

Now, i have no idea why this is the case, or why some dodgy guy stares out of his window into my home every night around this time (lol) but, it makes me feel soooo good. I feel liberated and you really do need to be careful around me, as i’ll throw out your pets and everything. I’ll go for it whole heartedly, until my thirst has been absolutely quenched.

I’ve also decided that everyone is being dull and no one is doing adventures with me. And i know that everyone is waiting for a payday. I’m waiting for a payday too, i’m right in there with you. Yet even when people have recieved a jolly old pay day, you all still want to be dull and not do an adventure.

I mean, if i think about the amount of people who actually randomly text or message me..(and i mean out of the people i actually know, the pervs don’t count) to do something fun, or suggest something that’s really normal that’s still sort of fun, is slim to none. Even if it’s just to go to the pub. No one EVER texts me…unless they’re drunk and already out. No one will ever be like…’Wunna, do you want to do..’ this, that or whatever….like EVER, if not NEVER. I’m always the one who finds the jollies and runs the text.

Why is that???

It annoys me. πŸ™‚

I mean, strangers want to fly me to different fricking countries every day for free and i can’t just get a mate to say, ‘Wunna…pub?’ How weird?

Anyway, the good thing is that on June 12th i’m going back to London to watch my Forbidden Nights boys, perform their show, on a luxury boat party, that is purely VIP and that will be cruising the River Thames. The Forbidden boys have just been on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ i’m a massive fan of their show and well today work mate Jenna and her bestie Demi out of the blue and in full force, said, ‘Wunna we’re coming.’

AMAZING! So excited! Finally people dedicated to ‘Out of Pontefract’ funnage. We’re gonna be treated really well. We;re going to be partying on a boat, watching the sunset go down and with the boys…and a whole bunch of other people, who have either won tickets or fancied a bit of ‘fun fun.’ And let me tell you, it is THE BEST NIGHT EVER.

The boat will drop us off at a VIP club in London and BOOM…the fun continues..FOR FREE.

Then we get back to the hotel, sleep off the party, wake up and venture back to Pontefract…like hero’s.

People should be more fun and do more fun things. I mean GOD!!!! Quit being annoying. Lol. Or quit ‘yes, yessing’ something and then not doing it. (Unless, there is a valid excuse or reason for it ofcourse.)

But you really do need to get out more and you really do need to embrace something new.

I mean, GOD, I’ll go to the forest, everyone nags on about wanting to come. I’ll say ‘come if you want’ and then when i’m there, everyone moans that i never invited them, lol and that’s why they’re not bubbling away with me in an open air hot tub.

Come. Text me. Have a blast.


Rant over.

I have a vodka cranberry.


Another thing that i have and i have to organize it around being mUm, running the lash line, day job and auditioning, is my Summer Party.

I obviously think i’m P.Diddy and need to throw the best party in all the land to celebrate Summer.

People usually come to this…yet so many people want to come to this ‘not yet planned’ shindig, that now instead of doing it VIP in a club, which i should do really…i might have to rent out something luxury and throw my ‘Just because it’s Summer’ party there.

I don’t even know what to do??

There’s nothing even bouji around Ponty to rent???


Nonetheless, i’m throwing a big Wunna/Summer party…and you can all come to play.

Just call me ‘Diddy.’

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