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I’m sipping ginger beer, loving every inch of life, adoring being a Mummy, having a blast at work, enjoying these amazing work mates, winking at  boys worth winking at (to be honest, the love life is a little stale) and i’m living. It feels good. I’m doing well…which feels even better, because you think about all the shit others are having to struggle through, be it big shit, or little shit and you can *breathe*with a ‘life is pretty easy,’ smile of ‘finally.’ 🙂

So, I’m looking forward to my lashes being gifted to celebs at The Screen Nation Awards on Feb 15th. It’s my lashes first ‘big break’ so i’m excited for them to be smoozing at the ‘Black BAFTAS.’ Lol (They’e got swag.) All of that has been arranged now, so it’s all out of my hands and set for fun! Hitting that stage of the process is always satisfying, as on my end, the hard work is already done!

I watched ceramic hedgehogs mate today, grilled sausages, drank too much coffee and almost blagged free lunches out! I’m busy, but i’m soo grateful, it’s unbelievable. Thank you for buying my lashes!

I’m making great new friends and rekindling old friendships well. I feel as though the Good Lord eradicated all the negative, shitty people out of my world and instead plonked in the good peeps, who are warm of heart, kind and decent. He did the ‘clear out’ for me and because it’s what i needed, as everything else in back in place.

I’m at work tomorrow morning all day and I can’t wait. I have an easy weekend and well last weekend was my ‘baby weekend,’ They loved every minute of it!

I’ve just has to call Keiran as he needed some information off me to fill in some visa. Funnily enough, he found time to give me a lecture on how i shouldn’t be going out on the weekends and how i should be spending more quality time with the children. PAHAHAH.

Now, i agree with that, as i’m the most loving and nurturing mother ever! There has literally only been a tiny handful of evenings that i haven’t been able to spend with the children and usually because they’ve had to do ‘daddies.’ I’m the one that has been with them ans spent time with them and OH LORD especially with Junior who pretty much had an absent, ‘party boy’ father for  a year and a half of his upbringing. He’s 2 in June and it’s only been in the last month that Keiran, his Father has decided to maybe calm down. So with all that and the ‘history, ‘ the partying, the flying off to other countries and partying, the going out every night, all the time, negalecting his family for his party friends, taking it too far and lying about partying…you get the picture…basically, he’s not in a position to EVER tell me off for having a good time. HAHAHAHA. I sort of put the phone down and laughed, WHAT A PLANK. It was in that moment just now, where i realised how much he enjoys to control things and well now he has no control over what i wish to do and secretly, he won’t like that! I’m FREE! It feels good.

I’m not being horrid about him and we’re getting on okay as parents. I simply I mean, that it would just be better that he picked his arguments better and just so I don’t have to laugh afterward. *Cringe.*

Today a parcel arrived and it was tiny little press cards with my ‘lash style boys’ on them! YES! You now get a tiny picture of each boy with your choice of Chrissie Wunna Mink fur Eyelashes! They’re hot because they’e total eye candy, boy, trading cards. I set them out on a table at work for the ladies to admire and for the guys to drink cups of coffee by, whilst making polite conversation!

Tomorrow, i’m going to start telling you stories, well the stories that I have with each boy as i go along, that way you’ll get how much my lashes mean to me.

I’ve got so much to tell you, but i’n just too knackered. I’m working hard and there’ s just not enough rest time!

So, i’m gong to resip my ginger beer and then go get some ‘shut eye.’

Life is wonderful right now. I’ve surfed into 2015 with GLEE! I can’t believe my luck!

Oh and for everyone asking, I AM SINGLE. I’m busy but i enjoy looking for lurve. 🙂 I get it wrong a lot, but i know that one day i’ll get it right! 🙂

Like they say ‘life isn’t a destination, it’s a journey,’ and i hate shitty cliches like that, especially ones that you can find printed on wooden plaques. BUT it’s true! Some people come and go in my life and htey always have and others remain put, and stay forever…like the babies and my family and good friends. But all i can say about work and my love life is to always expect the unexpected…anything can happen because it always does! That’s what makes me  ‘WUNNA,’

Nighty! x


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