Queen of Conquer & Of course..Weirdos


EXCITED, my little dollies of joy!

Okay, this lash line is really going to be the ‘bizzle.’ I’ve found my niche and well, if you do something that you’re passionate about, then you really can ‘Va Voom’ your way to success. To be good at a bit of business, other than needing financing, fresh creative ideas, know how to make profit, detail to all action and great, great PR, you yourself have to have BALLS. BIG ONES! If you dont ask, you don’t get and if you don’t try, you don’t even make it off the starting blocks. You’re like the false start, which is fine, provided you get back on track and the next time the gun pops, you wait for the RIGHT TIME….AND LEG-IT TO THE FINISH LINE. πŸ™‚ You need balls, especially when you’re a start up business, simply because you’re going to go to bat with people (like moi) you do. πŸ™‚ Ive got my niche, it’s sorted. It’s going to do well.

Now, everything I have managed to get in life and delicately STUFF in my little glitter bag of ‘dreams come to Mama πŸ™‚ ) I have grafted, gobbed and meandered MY WAY and by MYSELF. Yeah, I will admit that I came from decent financial back up, which I am very grateful for…and I will also need more financial back up, which will rocket me forward and give me the best chance at this possible. BUT all the opportunities that have helped open a door..and I tell you that through life SO MANY OF THEM SLAMMED IN MY FACE…I got myself. I created them myself and I won them….myself.

I mean, yeah I could’ve just thought, ah lovely, I’ll set up shop over here in Yorkshire and dilly dally on a nice, but calm flow of money making and live off the drive of gentle passion. BUT NO. I’m ambitious, like all hot women should be and I have big dreams. All the big dreams that I have previously wanted…i’ve conquered and done! I don’t imagine things on a small scale. I’m Chrissie Wunna for crying out loud, the more over the top the better. Think big. Go get it. Weirdly…and if you’ve done everything the right way and you have the right teams….you’ll win. Sit on your arse, waste ya time…you won’t.


Another thing is that you need to stop making excuses for why things haven’t panned out the way you want it to. There’s still time and room for all and to make everything right and work for you. I always say it. I mean, you’re allowed to throw a pity party, (I do all the time) provided that you can snap out of it and get back to normal quickly. You shouldn’t FIGHT AGAINST life, you should work with it. It will reward you after a bit of kicking and screaming, Whenever i’ve thrown a pity party…I’ve bounced back QUICK and whenever life, or people have treated me badly or sad hideous things to me…i’ve hurt…but i’ve bounced back SO FAST that it has infused my system with the success bug. Success is the sweetest revenge. So, whilst people are hating on you or slagging you off, or maybe even getting you down…you get your head down, work hard silently and then BOOM, you don’t really have to say anything, as the RESULTS of that hard work will say it all. You know if a person’s going to be successful, because they have this glow…you can see it in them. I can…anyway.

The only reason why people can’t conquer things, other than self confidence, natural talent and love…is simply because they don’t fully understand it. Once they do…they soar! That’s in anything…work, business, home, life…men, women and relationships. It’s all about understanding what you’re working with and adjusting alongside it. It always beats fighting against it. So don’t be daunted by things. I often am. Just learn about them day and night, until you finally get it! That’s how I’ve begun this lash line. When it comes to entertainment and work I’m brilliant. I understand it because i’ve done well for so long. When it comes to relationships…i’m shit. That why i always believe if people need help they should go to trained therapists who simply help them understand things. It is AMAZING how that little bit of learning tranforms everything. Puts you way ahead of the game.

So, I have a busy day today..so busy that i’ve even had to cancel my weave appointment…LOL..and that would NEVER HAPPEN! I’m feeling sexy and empowered and i’m glad that you’re loving the new rewired version of me. *Wiggle-wink.*I’ll still get my spray tan though later. I mean, gosh..a glamour puss still needs a treat for all her hard work and I’m a chica who can treat HERSELF. Yeah baby! Independance is vital.

I had a good day yesterday because I came up with an idea and well just put it out there. I didn’t know what kind of response I was going to get? I hoped for the best expected nothing and went with it. And this is something work wise that would really push my lash line forward. Sent an email and got the biggest, most delicious response to it ever! I was inundated with (and for the first time) professional people, who were just loving the idea and wanting to work with me. It gave me such a buzz. I still can’t believe it. I’m so happy. Β It’s just so nice to have others believe in you tooo! I could say lucky. But I did put myself out there and I believe in my product. I know it’s great. I’ve worked on it, studied it and all Christmas season researched everything that I needed to do! I didn’t waste any of my time! (And people didn’t know that. Now look!)

So yes, now i have meetings, more work and an even greater opportunity! EEEK! I’m happy to be filling a void, to be doing something that I love, to building my own future and adding to the solid foundation that I’m giving my children! BOOYAH BABES! People can say what they want. I’m actually doing great. πŸ˜‰ *Fireworks here.* This last 2 weeks has been emotionally tough and i’ve had no help. My mum, dad and brother are away in Burma for 3 weeks. It’s terrifying because they usually help me a lot! However, my parents have so far emailed me EVERY day, whilst abroad to tell me that they love me. πŸ™‚

I’ve been travelling, working, doing the hospital appointments and seeing to the babies…both of them and making sure they’re both feeling divine. I’ve done it all on my own and still managed to take another step up the work ladder of greatness whilst they’ve been in nursery. So no-one can tell me that i’m not SUPERWOMAN right now, because I am feeling more empowered then ever before. YOU CAN DO IT GIRLS! Don’t tell yourself that you can’t, because you can! Especially if you have children. Think of all the mumtrepeneurs who have literally made MILLIONS. They’re now laughing with cocktails and well don’t even NEED to hire nannies because their children are all grown up. πŸ™‚ (Unfortunately, some of them then all wheel in toy boys, which is never a good idea…..with riches.)

This is going to be a longish blog, simply because I can’t do two today, due to work. But this GUY has literally every day been sending me weirdly pictures of himself. You know that ‘can I be your pay piggy’ guy. The one that wants to PAY ME to humiliate him or something? Some fetish? Lord knows. Well this last few weeks, I’ve been emotionally battered by life, like seriously hard life stuff has happened…lol..and every time they do, this GUY sends me some dirty picture of himself. And I don’t mean ‘dirty’ as in ‘hot with no shirt on.’ I mean, yesterday’s photo was one of his face, sniffing used red panties. TO MY FACEBOOK INBOX! What? I mean, how does he think that is going to woo me? I’m so confused? I have a little girl!!! You’re not going to be her role model! LMAO! JESUS!

This isn’t Wunna 2008. Β I am flattered, massively flattered by all you gents that have sent me very loving messages, even the smutty ones.. I man grateful that you think I am the QUEEN OF ALL BEAUTY. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hahahahahaha! #beme

But this guy cracks me up because literally I’ll go through something really hard in life…REALLY HARD …and there he is…pops up…. out of nowhere…message alert on my phone….and he’s sniffing a pair of soiled knickers. Lol. What is my life? That doesn’t make me fancy you!!! GOD! You know, I SHOULD MAKE HIM MY PAY PIGGY. I’ll gather all the money that he wants to send me from his random ‘slave’ fetish, then with it BUY HIM MONTHS OF THERAPY to help him on his way! I don’t want a slave. I think it’s wrong. Lol. And noooo…not ‘wrong’ as in kinky, before you all get creepy. Just plain old morally wrong. Boring, I know. I’m a Β grown up now.

I hope he doesn’t have a wife, or girlfriend or something? I don’t even hate him, as I find him funny. But he certainly picks his times. I mean, at this rate i’ll get run over my a taxi and whilst DYING, my phone will *buzz* and there he’ll be, with a Mexican donkey and a ball gag or something? UGH! MEN!!

Oh and my secret work…

Remember this…


I blogged about it ages ago.

Well yeah…alongside everything else…I’m going to be going to the recording studio next month to get my little sing song on. πŸ™‚ It’s fun! You’ll love it!!!








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