Purrrfect Pussies

EXHAUSTED!! Oh my GOD! So last night i got the kittens. It has probably been the most difficult thing i have ever had to do, in my life, like EVER!! I’m the Mother to the most insane bunch of pussies, all ‘Attention whores,’ all with a mind of their own, all little snuggle bunnies, but all ninja- fighting for their mark on My world!! It’s crazy! Now i know how all my boyfriends have felt having to deal with ME!! I have three of ‘ME’ to look after, and it’s ‘INSANIA!!’ The Good Lord is testing Me, but i’d rather do it with Kittens than with Penis’s! So i’m grateful!

I have kittens, cheekily running circles around me, kittens dangling off the curtains, kittens darting from space to space, kittens hanging off my left boob, kittens peeing on things and kittens swinging from my hair extentions!! Hilarious!!! I love them!! I have finally got them all to calm down, via the sheer art of ‘LUXURY,’ but they demand 100% attention all of the time, that they keep scratching each others eyes out. NICE! It’s very telling, they’re just like drunken ‘fame hungry’ hussies in a bar, trying to get to Brody Jenner.

The good thing is that my pussies like TV. So i’ve plonked on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and funnily enough, their world of craziness, has come to an immediate ‘HALT!!’ They are soooo cutely lined up infront of the telly, and are watching it, like their life depended on what ‘Brie’ was going to do next! Thank F*** for that, cos i need to ‘Chillax.’ I love them soooo much, and yes they’re all snotty jealous DIVA’s, but for some strange reason….it works for them! I couldn’t be without them! All they want is to watch American televison and jump into my clevage. There favourite place is between my boobies. (hahah) They have their first major photo shoot, in a few days! Here we go….

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  1. before i start who the fuck is brody jenner. im pleased u are so happy with your kitten have u named em all yet or are they all gezers or bird kittens. u got much planned for this weekend chrisise


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