Punished For The Crime Of Sexiness


Okay i’m back in the cyber cafe. It seems this ‘Glamour Glamour Puss Puss,’ is infact soooo Loser that she needs to be online in order to feel ‘whole.’ There’s a lot more pervs in here now, therefore i feel all loved and in good company. I’m meant to be packing for my big trip up north….yet i figured i already have stuff there…or i can just buy more useless crap, once footed on good old Northern soil. I really need a wine. Ooh and Children In Need is on tonight.

So far my life has changed dramatically, making my story a tad bit more interesting. Thank god too, as i was beginning to feel like i was having to squeeze the juice out of a piece of beef jerky. I’m still single & fabulous, due to a lack of decent boys who seem to be crossing my path…and i’m hoping that i bump into one who will ‘woo’ me. (And i do mean ‘woo’ as in ‘romance’ me…and not as in, just go ‘woohoo’ at me.) I do actually get that a lot, And although my boobies love it. The otherside of my bed is somewhat ‘chilly.’

I hate writing my blog with people watching. I feel under pressure. I’ve found myself far too funny for my own good today…and i’ve committed to being useless. and believe that putting noodles in peoples shoes, whilst their not looking is funny. At one point…and i have no idea why? I found myself amongst children, drunkards and tramps and we were all reciting the words to ‘Michael Finnegan.’ That old childrens singalong. Now i’m not being funny or anything…but it’s a bit fucking sinister innit!!

‘There was an old man called Michael Finnegan…He grew fat (aww bless him) and then grew thin again…(far too many jokes for me to make here without pushing my Greatness on you.) Then he DIED..(aww i love joyous childrens songs…so inspirational) and had to begin-a gain. Poor old Michael Finnegan begin again. STOP!’ Oh my gosh, it’s great when drunk and with children and tramps. Both of which adore a bit of The Wunna. And i love the crazy madness of the word ‘STOP’ at the end of it. They kinda shout it before you’ve even fucking finished what you were saying. I was like ‘Hang on a second…rude much! I’m still on about him killing himself!!’

Got asked a weird question today: ‘Why do you talk to everyone?’ (OMG..i don’t do I! So shoot me!) Well i’ll have you know  (here we go)….how can i expect people to take an interest in MY life, if i don’t take an interest in there’s. Plus, i’m nosey and have a general interest in what makes a ‘being’ any ‘being’ tick…their story. Infact, without you even knowing YOU all do too! All of you who have Twitter accounts are updated on peoples lives every moment of the day, without you even realizing. It’s a great way to be! Talk to strangers. Drink those cocktails. And fucking ROCK the SEXY like you OWN it! (Regardless as to whether you do or not! You can take whatever you want!)  Be a product of ur imagination, instead of a product of your environment.  Thanks for all your messages! I read every single one! Some do get read to me by midgets though. And Happy Children in Need! Lets buy them more wells!!! (I’ve been listening to a mix CD a fan sent me. It’s highly confusing…yet at the same time filed under a ‘Delicious Madness.’) I love you x

Winking, pouting, Glamour Pussing! OUT! x

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