Promises! Promises!

As soon as i’m thin again, i absolutely promise to be a floozy once more. Like i explained earlier, upon my Facebook status..(Oh the power of the Facebook status) I’ll be a complete, utter motherly kinda of ‘flooze’…but a good decent proper FLOOZY! The kind that you hate, but can’t help but love. Yet, find yourself wishing you knew on jolly drunken nights. Right now, i’m a chubster. Therefore being a Glamour Puss, i can do for sure. Yet being able to plant the word ‘Ultimate’ infront of it…means i have to be thin…and not because fatties can’t kitty cat, however simply so i can bend down to reach diamonds.

I’m ready and up for work. I’m gonna go early today because i feel terrible for not being able to dolly in after my piggy flu injection. My left arm is dead and i can’t at all move it. Yet for some reason it’s not preventing me from having that *winky* in my eye…that giggle in my wiggle.

I woke up this morning to a text reading ‘Just read that blog from our night out in Leeds ages ago. LOVED IT..i’m so glad u document all of this down.’ (Well it went something like that. I can’t be arsed to reach for my phone, that is laying in my ‘in the hallyway-by kittens’ handbag.) That’s the beauty of my blog. The fact that it’s filled iwht my cnadid life and adventures. Real adventures, that one can saunter back through one lonely night. My text was at 7.30am, and from @GaryPonty. My bloggerooing makes him smile, when he’s all a frown! Aww…

I’ve got to go now, because my neck is printing makeup on my polo. I feel like everyone can feel ME returning from preggo hibernation now. Lots of work, excitement and lots of nipple tassle glory is approaching for my rebirth. Can’t wait!!! You can’t even stop me. Purr….

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