Pregnancy Wraps, Rain & Dinner at ‘Souk’

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Afternoon all. It’s pretty shit weather innit. I currently look like a drowned rat, with a pair of boobs to die for, after sprinting through Camden in fur boots, in the rain trying to find much needed shelter. I eventually gave up, (after about 2 minutes,) hailed a cabbie, who sprayed the whole inside of his cab for me with Febreeze because i was ‘a lady’ and ‘beautiful’ (Why thankyou sir) and returned back to where i came from, in one half dry piece. Woo-hoo! I’m Happy and oddly hugging a radiator!! I hate the rain. I hate it. It ruins hair, it ruins life, it ruins winking.

Anyway, i just got back from lunching with my sexy gay lover

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Wraps, Rain & Dinner at ‘Souk’”

  1. I Live right by souk!! It looks great, like a little cave with candles and all that business! PERFECT for a little romantic munch! My bf is morrocan (one week till Ramadan is over) THANK FUCK!!!!! Sex starved = YES!!

  2. oh and your like a cat your ALWAYS napping!! I think having all those kittens at your mums on the bed has had some kind of effect on you. Youve turned into one!

  3. I am a kitten…don’t hate. Hahahha…

    Yeah I’m excited about ‘souk’ it best be good. I’ve never been.

    You should visit. I’m there at 7.30…

    They dont have to give up sex for ramadan do they??

  4. Well dont blame me if its not, i just walk past every day and look in and think ‘oh that looks a lovely place’!! But you see i will drink anything, but im not as adventurous with different cusines… I was brought up in chequerfield on a diet of fish fingers and chips and so on so my pallet pulls a face and spits out anything less brtish than ban gers n mash! lol (mothers fault) In Ramadan your allowed to have sex after sunset and before sunrise but only with your ‘wife’, and he’s decided this year to be all goody goody muslim boy.. so im just letting him get on with it cause that makes him feel ‘special’ lol. Jonny will love it wont he mid romantic meal and ‘fans’ start turning up!! But hey, this is the price he has to pay for being in the company of greatness!! I LOVE feeding your ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA xxxxxxx


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