Preggo naps and dumplings

Just had the most delicious preggo nap, after a bowl of stew and dumplings! The combination of warm hearty yumminess, with an early morning massage, a whole day off work and having a little girl currently living in my belly is divine, when cuddled up on a couch. I fell asleep to Mrs.DoubtFire, getting caught having a willy, whilst she wee’d, to waking up to random bunch of people from Newcastle making 3 course meals to win £1000, on the telly. Luckily, when i woke up, i had my man of mocha, Loverboy laid upon the side of my bum, who had also taken a preggo nap? He really does use my bosom and bum bum for a pillow, a lot of the time and i will often cuddle his ‘dinky’ with the palm of my hand for comfort. I don’t do anything ‘naughty-naughty’ with it. I just like spooning it in my hand, when it’s all squidgey and warm, like a fleshy skinned hamster. Plus, i’ve learnt it’s not wise to go near it with a *wiggle-wink* in mind, after he’s had any kind of hearty meal, as it ends up smelling just like our dinner…pickled.

I’m waiting for the good telly to start, excited that it’s Crimbo. I really need to begin decorating my home in a grotto like fashion. Yet i can never do it on my own, as i believe things of that sort should be done with friends. (Yet only so i can turn them into elf  slaves and do it all for me.) I like to open the event, make everyone do the hard work, then finish the event, with utter charisma and confetti showers, whilst taking all the credit and the money for it all! Yay! (Be decent like me!) I can currently hear someone merrily singing that ‘Forget yoooOOOu’ song to themselves, in the distance. I like that. It’s those tiny moments of ‘happy’ that make the world go around. Oh and again…money. 🙂

Infact, Loverboy and I (he’s gone to work now) were just having a conversation about how money does actually make us feel better, even though it’s meant to be the root of all evil. I’ve spent a bit of the day bill paying and i’ve hated every moment of it. UGH! I’m half the most generous person you’ll ever meet…mixed with being an unbelievable

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