Posing, Pouting and Burlesque-ing

Busy day today! I missed Britains Got Talent last night, yet luckily i’m managing to watch it right now. I FUCKING LOVE DJ TALENT. He sooo ‘Wunnified’ his act! Well done him. (Still won’t shag him though.)

So i’m packing for the day and about to run off and catch a train. Today i’m on a shoot in Leeds, and it has something to do with cigars and fetish. I’m excited because it’s not a hideiously long ass trek away. So whilst you’re doing something Wonderful with your merry little lives. I will be in a pair of panties pouting and with cigars??? Whocares, work is work and for an exhibitionist…this job is pretty damn fine!

Straight after that i have my first BURLESQUE class. yeah bitches. I’m sort of excited but sort of shitting it. I hope it’s a proper dance class and not like one of those awful ‘there’s a granny in my class’ ones.

I’m posing, pouting and burlesquing today bitches. Make your day a good one.

21 thoughts on “Posing, Pouting and Burlesque-ing”

  1. haqve a good day chrissie save a lardi for me treacle i hope u have fun at burlesque and all im gutted dj talent didnt get through but the two that did were good

  2. Oh come off it…… there’s only so much a Parn can take before he has to stand up and say something lol…. DJ Talentless is annoying.


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