Popping into Town

In a rush. I worngly thought i could lay in today. Instead i’ve been told that I am to venture off to Doncaster, to run daily errands, wave, smile, wake up and pout. I mean, i don’t mind at all, except i HATE to be rushed. I’ll tell a being my schedule…they won’t listen, and then they’ll just book my free time up, like it’s the last drunken slag at the bar.

Tonight, i’m out in Leeds. I’m doing the ‘Christian Audigier’ event, thrown my the Billionaire Boys Club. I’m gonna be blogging my evening, to tell you all how Leeds fairs up…I mean it’s going to be my new party kingdom, therefore i’m gonna be on the look out for the ‘fun’ kids. My new family of ‘ooh laa,’ much. *wiggle*

Anyway, i godda go. I hate this rush marlaky. Big love. Doncaster! Here I come! (Didn’t have time to wash my hair, therefore now i have to pay someone to do it for me. UGH!)

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  1. Yeah I agree with you on this one people need to learn to relax and don’t get in too darn a rush. I guess I read about Leeds boy you know how to party don’t you. Rock On. Cheers.


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