POP-ROCKTIC @ Embassy tonight. (Guest Presenting!)

Hey Lovers, i’m writing this from my hotel room right now…with a tummy ache and a smile. I will be at Embassy TONIGHT, for the POP- ROCKTIC showcase. I’m their guest presenter for the evening, because i’m so ‘OOH LAAA Daddy.’ And i’m extremely excited! I’ve made the executive decision to Rock IT OUT like the floozey that i am. Plus hopefully there will be lots of hot boyage, all lost and vunerble that i can take advanatge of and smoochie for kicks. I’ve never presented before..so although i’m a tad bit nervous, i’m positive that i can wing it..like a Wunna. (Purr.) Oh and i’m dressing like a slut! Hurrah!

Therefore, if you wish to take a gander at ‘The Wunna,’ (and her poor skills) then shuffty on down to Embassy tonight. I know that Jo Mac and I have a table of deliciousness ( code for booze) that you may ALL enjoy. I can’t wait!


7 thoughts on “POP-ROCKTIC @ Embassy tonight. (Guest Presenting!)”

  1. I told you they’d have wifi Wunna!! Panic much!!


    Scratchy, you should go visit Chrissie – she keeps on about how much she wants to meet you!!

  2. i would do if i aint fucked from just getting back from the ibiza opening partys tonight i nedd kip but next time i will come have a beer with her shun


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