Playing with Wunna Land & Really Great Bonking


When the first place you look for a misplaced remote control is ACCIDENTALLY your know you’re either tragic OR you have a terrific sex life. 🙂

Luckily for me it is the latter. This morning and after a very merry nursery run that included a bit of hip hop *bopping* by Baby Ruby. (We looked to our left, as Capital Fm was playing and my little Baby Rubes was bopping away in her car seat like it was the best bit of music could ever here. ) ADORABLE! Then once she arrived at nursery, Alice..her nanny presented a gentle white feather, like magic, from her snowy white palm and there you have it, my daughter’s heart had been won over. If there’s anything Ruby enjoys more than snacking, giggling, getting her own way and rummaging through people’s wallets (found her yesterday afternoon before lunch at Newmiller Dam) in my ‘handsome’s wallet, pulling at £20 notes like some kind of hood rat…I did what any Glamour Puss would do, and photographed the moment like a proud mother, before sternly telling her off for such behaviour. I mean at least wait until he’s passed out drunk before you steal money out the wallet. Basic rule of ‘girl hood.’ I was on the phone to his mother crying out loud and there she was, the fruit of my burning Burmese loins..being a Gold Digger. 🙂 ) Anyway…sorry for getting distracted…she likes feathers, chandeliers and pretty things, including the Chanel Bronzer. If Rubes isn’t the epitome of the great beings that i’ve managed to produce, (i intend to have 10 babies)  then i don’t know what is! We ADORE HER! On the route home from nursery Keiran told me how much he had fallen in love with me and how he never ever EVER wanted me hurt him, as i now completely have his heart in my hands. I’m madly in love with him…deeply and it feels good to know that he’s glided up the love ladder and now feels that every inch of him is mine forever. I’ve felt this way about him for ages. However the funny thing about it all is that my ever so romantic hero…didn’t quite put it across in a manner that might suggest a gentle, rainbow swirl of love. He kinda (and he didn’t want me to tell you this, yet i find it far too funny to fail to document such a moment.) My darling handsome Prince of ‘real life’ romance, threatened me and told me that if i broke his heart he would ‘kill me’ and make my life an absolute misery. Lmfao. We pissed ourselves laughing all the way home, then as we pulled up to number 14…he looked at me with eyes of ‘i love you, don’t you dare break my heart’ and told me he meant it! Hahaha! I adore him. He’s cute!

Then we gleefully galloped into our living room, under our love cloud of ‘forever, cuddled on the sofa. I sat ontop of him, face to face, wrapped my arms around him and snuggled. After 7 minutes, the best ‘Morning sex’ EVER occurred. Probably the raunchiest rumpy we have ever had, it would put ‘Ron Jeremy’ to shame. Once we were done, we went straight back to an innocent and pure ‘fairytale’ mood of love and had cups of tea, with gentle giggles. He went to play golf and i put the washing in. 😉 Best sex ever. I am turned on by him greatly..and well we really know how to get our ‘jiggy’ ON dollies! Great sex. He was beaming from ear to ear and galloping around the kitchen afterward. We’re in love. It’s amazing. I’ve never been in such a perfect relationship. I think the last few days have made him think a great deal. Keiran (although highly expressive) is highly internal. His mind is always in deep, secret thought. I’m not sure what troubles his mind, but i see his thought process through his eyes. Today he has really fallen in love with me. ( He was in love with me anyway, yet now he truely feels it.) I’m really happy…i’m the only girl that he’s ever truely opened up too..and we trust each other implicitly. We know a lot about each other, that no-one else would ever even nearly know and that is what makes love work and makes a bond. It’s great finding your ‘forever.’ GOD! I LOVE this man.

Anyway…lots has happened over the weekend. If i’m honest, the other day we did have a bit of a bicker over ‘gang bang’ stories and ‘i might not like’ threesome stories. As far as i’m concerned, the past is the past. It’s to be ripped up, thrown over your shoulder and left for some other ‘hero’ to live through. Our present is so much stronger than our past and our future is *pinch yourself* amazing. I love that we’re a couple that  make other couples take a look at there own relationship and wonder? If you were to peek in our little ‘bubble,’ our world presented to you via Cupid,  you would either have faith that you too can find your perfect match…or just be really jealous. 🙂 Even when we’re infront of people and have people ‘think’ they know exactly how we are together, they are not even nearly close and i LOVE THAT. He placed my hand on his heart this morning on the sofa and told me it was mine. What an AMAZING man! (Last night, after he quite rightly couldn’t quite ‘get jiggy’ due to Baby Ruby demanding our comfort…i *tucked* my boobs and vagina in, in a huff..and in a strop, fell asleep. I’m nice and mature like that! 🙂 It was sort like a ‘fine, i’m rolling over and i’mt aking my boobs with me’ move. HAHAH. I’m a loser…bare with me. 😉

Great evening. We did lunch at the Dam Inn in Newmiller Dam, we go there almost every sunday. Then we met my family at TGI’s, (the one in Xscape) for a bit of boneless chicken wings, love and dinner. We have a wonderful life right now, powered by love and well luck. Then we came home and cuddled…all 3 of us and wished upon stars to be blessed with an even larger family. Now, he’s at golf, having already called me to tell me he loves me and i’m on the sofa getting ready to write my book.

On the book front, i recieved a marvellous little bit of email, taling about my new book deal and my future. It’s crazy how it’s all working out. But contracts and fresh words are being tended to this week, as i knuckle down and get my game face on. I love the idea of being a writer, an author…a blogger…a…well you get what i’m going on about. The publishing house are really excited. I’m excited to have my life in written book form and sold as entertainment for others. It weirdly is amazing to me. I truely want it to do well and i officially have a second book on it’s way before the firs book has even been published. I’m guess i won’t be lying when i interview and say ‘my book has been my life’…because quite has! I feel blessed. But i’ve still got another chapter to write and i’ve run out of MILK! UGH!)

 My parents are crazy supportive and adore the way my life is headed. I’ve found true love. I have a delicious little daughter, who lights up our entire world..and i can’t wait to have another. Now i feel like i truely can conquer the world…all you need in life is to be able to adjust it, in order to find your eternal happiness. You need a foundation, love and stability if you want to thunder forward with great power. I’ve learnt a lot from dating Keiran…and well now we’re gonna rocket our way to success…

Hello world…now let’s play! 😉 (Morning sex was AMAZING.)

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