Playing with Fire


Wonderful evening. I needed a de-stress, a glorious bit of chitter chatter, alongside cozy mood lighting, winks and adoration. That..and because i’m a lucky little puss of Glamour…i got. Great night. Followed by an early night. Perfect! (Even though we did get caught up in the notion that a QUIZ would be the best idea. I think we got to answering 4 of them and forgot about it all for wine. We even won a PRIZE and forgot to claim it. Quite the ‘talked about’ in the place we were. Lol) I had a ‘handsome’ tell me that he wouldn’t mind me being his ‘other half.’

But anyway, i’ve been feeling trapped, but happy, foolish but wise and playing with fire our of rebellion and because i think my ego simply gets the better of me. Life has only been stressful in the sheer sense that my personal life is plunged and talked about within my place of work and my work is plunged into my personal. Every being from every angle, is chasing a bit of Wunna for a catch up and well all i need really is a moment to myself. Lol. I need a day of me and my baby Ruby and that’s about it. I’m a key factor in the lives of many right now and i have no idea why? But i’m not complaining. I’d rather be in demand that not at all. I’m loving it. Yet i don’t half get myself into bizarre fricking predicatments.

Even last night..during my moment of dinner fun fun…my phone was *blinking* away at me with the dramas of others. No matter how far i attempt to totter…my good friend ‘stress’ is one step behind me. Lol

Nonetheless, i’m gonna have a blast and commit to Wunna land whole heartedly. I’m loving EVERYTHING and every little piece of my life. Be they dramatic or not. To me life is about the living of it and the giggling at your own tragical foolishness. Last night was great. A bond is being built and well it’s important to make sure you have the correct Beyonce ‘soldiers’ around you in order to make your experience on this disco earth ball worth it.

Working all day today! Can’t wait really. Hope i don’t get continually bollocked, like I did yesterday? And no not the fun kind where a pair of bollocks come wanging their way into your face. The rubbish kind where you get pointed and shouted at for being mildy inadequate. Woohoo!

I ADORE being Chrissie Wunna.

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