Playing the Game

Feeling like the most Powerful being in the world ever today. I feel estactic, amazing…like i can conquer the world with a single ‘wink.’ And believe me, i intend to.  I’m on a mission, the fastest of trains and there’s no-one around here to stop me and no-one strong enough to keep pace. I’ve always had this hunger, this drive to get to the business of ‘conquering worlds,’ and i don’t just mean this big earthy globe, (as in my mind it’s so tiny)  i also mean conquering all of the worlds trapped within it. It’s like being an evil cartoon villan, but with a brilliant boob job. If anyone can do it…i can. (I haven’t had my morning ‘quiet the noise in my head’ cuppa tea yet, hence why i’m being such an egostical twat. Three cheers.) I woke up  this morning to Pinks ‘So What’ song, therefore i’m also under the misconception that i’m a Rockstar!!

Life is good right now. I’m riding the ‘fame bus,’ over her in Britian. I do much better over in LA, yet i’m not taking any excuses from The Motherland. I’m here, i’m queer  and i’m Jack Sparrowing my way to the top bitches. (Note: i’m not ‘queer’ as in fanny snacker. I actually don’t know how boys do that? At least we girls just get a fleshy, half -musty lollipop. They have to mush around in a vaginary slop fest….and sort of pretend they like it. LOL. I would sometimes pretend i wasn’t on my period. Hahahaha! Evil! Get in there!!)

I’m no longer obsessed with boys…why? Because i don’t really have to be. I’m not bothered anymore. I’m happy. I’m doing so well in this life  thing and constantly moving forward. I actually can’t believe it. Whoever crosses my path right now, will probably get left behind, if there not willing to join me. It seems more men would like to BE ME now, than bonk me. Puts me in a good place.  (Conceited…but true.) An LA friend called me last night, pissing himself (not literally), stating that as far as he knows i’m ‘the ulitmate player,’ and he’s not falling for this ‘love me, love me’ bull crap because i apparently always know what i’m doing.  And it’s true. I have a hunt them, chew them up and spit them out reputation..i’m aware of that. Yet i’ve grown so much since then. I’m 5ft 4 in heels now goddamit!!!

  I love men. I do. I find it hard not too. I enjoy ALL men, so it’s difficult for me to stay out of trouble. Yet i don’ t think there’s anything wrong with that! Do i obsess over guys? Not really. Do i pretend to, for kicks?…Yes. I seem to always be entertaining myself. The minute i’m a bore, i will be DEAD. (And even that will be entertaining, as i intend to go out by being savaged by horny Arabian thieves!! As long as they don’t have knives. I hate fucking knives!! I tried to threaten ‘Latin Lover’ with a steak knife once, (like ya do) and i had to put it down because i got scared of my own weapon. lol

I’m going on a date tonight. And it’s merely just for fun.I don’t care what happens, as i’m not looking for anything serious. I just want to enjoy ‘good times’ and well male company. Y’know, have adventures, have stories to tell. I also have a date in a couple weeks with this guy who’s like some Cambridge Grad, Peak District vet. I’ve dated a drunken sailor, a bodyguard, an underwear model, a pastors son, a drug dealer, a movie star, a hip hop rapper, a bartender, a street dancer, a stream of actors, a sportsman, an artist, a school boy, a bundle of paupers, an agent, a juicer and well plenty more…so this will add to my list of ‘greatly labelled men.’ I don’t fancy him. The experience is merely knawing away at my curiousity.

He’s actually astonished that i might enjoy a simple, more quiet night, away from the ‘high life.’  (Which bothers me, as it means he thinks i’m not normal.) He’s described it as a cosy night-time drink, in a pub by a warm fireplace…( i adore fireplaces)…with beautiful views and well the story ended up with me naked in wellington boots, roaming around fields…so I’M IN!! (hahah) Just a bit of fun and a catch up. 

Anyway, the best message i read today from a darling male was….(he sent it ages ago…i just seem to love it.) ‘Even though the subject title was just like a boring “hey.” lol. It was actually if you close your eyes and imagine this,… dont close your eyes just yet as you wont see what it is to imagine as Im typing it now,….it was a little pink box with a bow on it with a tag that says “Wunna open this” then when you did “BoooooM glitter everywhere, magic, flowers everything fluffy bursts out with 3 big helium balloons in the shapes of the letters H, E, Y.’

Even though it would scare the shit out of me…I am ‘mind stimulation’ girly all the way. So it’s sexy. It’s like a cute childrens story…which oddly turns me on??? Reminds me of my Father.  Then this other guy sent me a message stating that he’d like to take me out for dinner because (wait for it…) ‘My chinese pussy must be tight.’ (Again reminds me of my Father. Joke. You sick bastards!) In his Facebook ‘About Me’ it says ‘ I’m just a normal guy, down to earth, easy to get on with.’  Erm…yeah? Who sometimes enjoys tight chinese pussy on wednesday nights, whilst watching Coronation street.

Pick flowers not fights! (You Rotten Whores)

Chrissie Wunna

4 thoughts on “Playing the Game”

  1. quality blog chrissie good luck on your date u cant beat an old boozer for grub by the fireplace coz if they are boring at least u can get wankerd aint it babe.good luck on your way to success i hope i can get u a lil drinky poo one day treacle take care chrissie tada

  2. hope u have a good night babes just remember be careful and look after urself….hope u have good time anyway …
    love ya loads xxxx


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