Playing in the Glitter

Morning my cherry pies of button pushing! Today, i feel…darling? I’m dipped in a candy coat of ‘cutsie wootsie’ and tending to the art of ‘Lady of leisuring.’ A job, i’m pretty decent at…even with my eyes ( i mean, my legs 🙂 ) closed. Other than working on my book…which i’m determined to make a best seller and checking though the ‘banners’ that will advertise my make up line. I’m taking the day out to chill and enjoy being Chrissie Wunna…after a VERY emotionally beautiful week. I’m going to dedicate my weekend (I do love the END part to that word) to love, family and pampering. I feel like i have everything i want right now and I ADORE a glorious day of pamper..hence why i’m confused as to why i have a chick friend, who seems to be adorning pink and red at the same time? (Heellllo fashion police! lol) I’m confused as to why she’s offering me cups of tea in tiny sized robin mugs, that have old lipstick stains clinging onto the rim of them, from someone else’s ‘trout pout?’ I’m the ULTIMATE  Glamour puss. Although it does mildy workfor me. I’m a quite certainly a germaphobe…(apart from in the bedroom it seems?I won’t drink out of a lipstick stained mug. But i will tend to Loverboy’s ‘meat stick’ like i’m a rather unhygenic…whore. 🙂 ) Anyhow, my friend knows MY mug, is the LEOPARD print mug (i know how ‘Zig-a-Zig-aaa’of Me) and i’m therefore refusing to drink out of the lipstick stained, 2nd hand, Robin mug,that looks like it is Amy Winehouse on a bad day. Incase you think i’m being a DIVA…know that i’m not..(I’m always a Diva.) The last time i drank out of the incorrect cup…i found myself having to beat off undesirable men with sticks, whilst i was in my best frilly pants and being told that one of them wanted to be my sex slave! The reason why i hate that moment, is simply because when a Glamour Puss is in frilly pants, it is a sin to be angry in them and especially angry…with sticks!

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from you all just as of recent, all of you wanting to know about my upcoming Baby girl! (Aww…who i ADORE!!) Along with my teenage girls, boys, men, women, gays, straights…i now have another catergory of Wunna Love and it is formed of al of those who are PREGNANT!! (Which again..I ADORE!) It’s refreshing having fans, with humans in their bellies. Women who will be giving life to the future beings of the world, like myself, via a tedious but loving, vaginal *squeeze-squeeze.* A great deal of you are reading the blog and wanting to know if i will be breast feeding  by baby girl and the answer to that is ‘AB

or all the young girls wanting to be desired by all men. I know that a lot of teenage girls do and i want them to know that for me it was purely a financial choice and not a choice based upon my inner emotional making and it really wasn’t the best choice ever. Know that being some kind of  a ‘sexual ‘fantasy’ to men…bites back. Not work wise…because who cares work wise? That comes secondary to everything else in life that’s important.Yet emotionally…and that’s forever. A very successful man once told me one Hollywood night to not sacrifice who i am, in order to get ahead. I didn’t listen. Now…i get it! LOL. Typical Wunna move!

If i want to be a good-ish role model, with a delicious glamourous cheek, things in my life have to change. Well they have! I haven’t done a nudie shoot in over a year and a half, or even longer? I guess people need to catch up. But for right now, i don’t care. I am loving my new life and playing in the GOOD CLEAN glitter.

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  1. Chrissie, I’m sorry that you had that experience. You’re right: there are guys (and even a few women) who simply don’t get it when they’re told that the person they’re chatting up is unavailable (for whatever reason that may be). They persist, they attempt to ingratiate themselves in a vain hope that they’ll win over the object of their desire, and once rejection sets in, they turn bitter and malicious. You probably have this happen to you slightly more often than it happens to me, ’cause you’re a WUNNA. 🙂 But for every lech and creep out there, try to think of the ones who simply admire you, find you entertaining, or who appreciate you for who you are and for what you’re putting yourself out there.


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