Playboy Girls of Cyber McLand

Went to the Playboy Cyber Girls casting today, it was sunny, and at Spotlight Studios in Leicester Square. ‘7 Leicester Place’ to be exact, incase you’re a boy wanting to loiter around such a premises, or incase you’re a darling boobie model, that wants to crash a casting. (Is that allowed in England??) It was short and sweet. I loved it, especially because it wasn’t early and it was SUNNY!! They pretty much eyeed up my ‘portfolio of sheer nakedness’, and it was a good job too, as i went all pure and demure. I looked more dainty rose petal, than trodden on flower bed of pansies, so my book helped them see the ‘vixen’ in me…hopefully! (haha) Anyway, all they happened to ask me during the portfolio eye-up, and before the actual picture taking was: ‘What does THAT say on your ASS?????’ I hope that’s code for, ‘Yippee, you got the job sister,’ because in LA, it’d be code for, ‘…now get on all fours, and call me Daddy-O.’ Oh the joys of the casting couch!! It went well!! (wink, wink) It’s how i passed my driving test too. I can’t drive to save my life, yet i’m officially permitted to drive in 2 different countries of the world!!! RESULT!!

On the front of the paper i’m glancing at it says ‘A- levels reached an ALL time high!’ I bet they did! That’s all students bloody do nowadays…get stoned. If you got your life forming results today, WELL DONE, now you never have to go to school again, unless you want to get away from your parents, then Uni’s looking Grrrreat! To be honest, i don’t really enjoy the company of students too much. They never seem to have any cash, they eat pot noodles and cereal ALL day long, and basically spend the rest of the time nagging hard working ‘Lady of Leisures’ like my good self, to pay for their beer intake!! The mooching studiers!! I never went to Uni. I spat myself out of the education system after my A-levels (woo-hoo) to move to Hollywood, and become a student of life…well a STAR!! Much better choice. Although, i don’t think you can class ‘la la land’ as a place to study life. It’s full of ‘small town heros’ that uprooted to find fame under a giant white sign, who frequently call home proclaiming remarkable career-success, when really they’re selling cheesecake, or their arse on Sunset and La Brea (if you’re a Brit, it’s a street corner,) for a dime a dilly dally, in order to make August rent. ‘Hoooooollllywoooooood!!’ Oh the stories i could tell you…but i won’t as most of them involve me!!

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  1. i fucking hate stinking student they are proper fragels aint got know commen sense are book smart but thick as shit in the real world they should do a year course with travellers after that so they cvan be a bit street smart and cunning but they dont so they are jumped up lil pricks. i hope the casting went well chrissie i bet u looked choong babe. what did it say on your harris then treacle. have a boozefilled wekend chrissie just dont do anything i wouldnt babe take care treacle tada scratch


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