Plate spinning


Right! I am busying up now and i’m reaching for ‘panic’ button, but not quite ready to give it a *whack.* 2014 has been a bastard of a year, but i intend to go out with bells on. Y’see, the only awesome thing about everything going wrong, in the first part of the year, is if  you manage to turn it around, like some kinda hero with boobies…to the point where you get to gloat with merry laughter and middle finger the non believers. This is especially good, if they haven’t done as well. 😉 OR just waiting for it to hit Jan 1st of the following year works and simply because you get a clean slate and a ‘start all over.’ This year tested me…and well…instead of reflecting when we get to Dec 31st…i’m just going to breathe, smile and tell it to FUCK OFF. Whopppeee!

Everything’s going really well. That’s what makes me nervous. It’s almost as if i’m waiting for midgets with spanners to get in ‘my works’ and balls it all up. I’m good at what I do. I’m passionate and i’m determined. AND i’m weirdly a great deal more talented that people seem to believe. 🙂

(Yes, I am trying to convince myself.)

I have a BIG day ahead of me and lots to flipping organize. LOTS. I’m spinning all plates at once and trying to wing it with panache. Glitzy panache. I have a full weekend of work, at the same time as a beauty line push, at the same time as no child care for my baby boy, since Grandparents are going to be away. This is normal Single Mummy type drama. So some how i’ll make it all work. I just need to come up with a cunning plan to smooth it all over nicely. Hey, I know, HELP would be great! (ffs.)

What I know about me is that i’m accidentally lucky, so in the end everything usually just works out in my favour. I don’t know how this happens, but apparently it’s because i’m secretly ‘good people’ so I get cut some slack from the big dude above.

I’m excited for my eyelash line now and i hope you are too. I’m shattered. But excited and it’s just dawned on me that I have people scattered around the world aiding my every wish and whim to get this off the floor. I think for the first time in a long time, I actually believe i can do this. 🙂

Roll on Christmas…and make it a double!



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