Plastic Doll From Ponty

Hello my Pretties. So much has happened this morning in the form of conversation and i seem to be being evil to everyone because i feel ‘half full’ today. I think you’re health is all you have and when it’s disappearing on you, it makes you feel like a trump. My Best Bud ‘Wazza,’ who’s birthday it is today recieved a doughnut machine, ‘stuff off someone’s floor because they were too broke to purchase anything,’ a stolen Musilm birthday card, with someone elses well wishes on it (it was taken mid printing from a printers shop) and hopefully £100 off an I.O.U. Its almost brilliant. I actually being his best buddy managed to get him ‘Nothing.’ And i even forgot to go to his birthday party. Three cheers! I’m such a great friend. I think i’m just there for decoration and the odd kinky need to hear occasional abuse from a fake boobied female? (Geezer! Geezer!) It made me realize i wasn’t in Hollywood anymore. The birthday gifts are almost terrific out here. So much better than more hookers and more blow. (She sexily winks)

Today, i’ve been called a ‘Genius,’ a ‘Tramp,’ a ‘Goddess,’ and (this is my favourite) ‘ a terrfiying plastic doll from Pontefract!’ (Hilarious! )I think i’m moving up in the World. I’ve been called an ’embarassement,’ a ‘much needed, straight talking treasure’ and i’ve just this second read that a 13 year old boy has become a Father today, with a 15 year old girl. OH LORDY! I’m all for ‘no judgements’ and all that good stuff. But i hate this!! I have not yet met a little baby i do not adore ( i love kids and they love me. They think i look like a ‘Bratz doll’ or a ‘Monster’)…so i can’t help but feel that this baby, may not be granted with the best of starts in life. But i pray that it does, as everyone has a story right? And it really is not how you start and how you finish. My Mother once, when i was a child had to deliver a baby from a 13 year old girl, in a back of a taxi outside a grocery store, whilst i watched on… and that was in the 80’s!! (Play any Wham theme tune.) So it’s a lot more common than you would think and it’s yeah quite (lol) bad. Oh and just so you know, she is a Doctor and not just some random burmese woman pulling babies out of  young 13 year old vaginas for kicks. I hope? Doctor by day, Minor Vagina Baby Snatcher by night! Lol…Sorry Mum 😉

I’m having a lazy day today to try and get better ASAP, as work starts at 10.15 am tomorrow morning and continues until Friday. It begins with an interview ,so i have to do myself justice and not wallow in ‘Ooh i’m sick’ self pity. I’m pumped up on ecchinacea tea and i’m rocking it bitches! Its all about how you Get Up and Get Going, and not how you tumble the hell down. And i’ve done a lot of tumbling. It’s been hilarious. I laughed all the way down, bruised my knees, stuck up a middle finger, then just pranced back up again like an idiot. I’m as strong as they come, yet i don’t know why??? (haha) I just don’t take this ‘life’ thing too seriously. I love it and believe i have a great life. I’ve crossed paths with the most weirdly wonderful people. I feel lucky. So when you love it, (God i’m sounding sooo ‘self help book’) and find the ability to truely take the piss out of it…it loves you back…(then ofcourse tumbles you back down its merry hell hole all over again… just for kicks! lol) I’ve spent the majority of my life pissing myself with laughter, on every possible continent..i come armed with this infectious (hang on a minute) ‘spirit.’ And it’s not cheesy i despise that in people (because they insult peoples intelligence and lie to themselves  on a daily)…Its just…well i don’t know how to describe myself? However, luckily now  i don’t need too…as all you journos and hold blooded males seem to be doing it for me. ‘Terrifying Plastic Doll from Pontefract!’ (HAHAHAHAHA…Greatness!)

Chrissie Wunna

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  1. i hjope u get better soon chrissie try olbas oil that always works or a hot toddy. it is bad a 15 year old mum and a 13 year old father. i hope that she has a strong family behind her because she will need it as it will be hard for the young kid to put a lot of doe in. but u are right it oes happen a lot more than what people think and having a kid is a good way of getting the male to grow up quicker and settle down more


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