Pissed off, mean and oh so diva.

Shit day! I feel horrible, mean, pissed off and mad because it rained all over me all fucking day!! Everyone i know is in LA, or going to LA or, just bloody LA-ing it, and I have to stay the fuck here.. for right now and bloody work. Even Russell Brand is in LA!!  It’s killing me!! I’m weeping into pillows, stomping around , pulling faces and being extremely Diva to everyone i see, just to make myself feel better!! It’s depressing!! Ugh!! At least the people here are ‘Greatness’, and not superficial. Yet saying that… i’m superficial, so i need to be around a like species. UGH!!! I’m bored, i’m still frustrated, and i need to get away!!

I know this may sound ‘funny funny drama queen,’ yet it’s really getting me down. I have a major audition friday and i don’t even want to go now.  I don’t fucking care. I don’t want to do any of my shoots, i don’t want to do anything. All i want to do is drink, sleep, spend all my money and wake up when i’m in Hollywood. hahaha! Champion! ( why, does that chain of events sound HOT, if ur a girl, and ‘Loser’ if ur a boy???) I am truely going nuts! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

The only good thing about my life today, is watching ‘Desparate Housewives’ at 10pm!! I am so PISSED off!! I feel like i’m not truely living and everytime i try to find the ‘silver fucking lining,’ it’s always pissed all over by rain!!

Love ya, Chrissie Wunna x

2 thoughts on “Pissed off, mean and oh so diva.”

  1. man seems things aren’t going so well for u.Just take a break for a sec and try to recapture yourself or get a hold of it.I thought u like doing photo shoots thats ur carrier right.Sometimes its good to pause and stop and think before acting.Some advice for good friend sake I hope u feel better and everything turns out alright.xoxxooxoxoxoxoxo

    Jeremy Macey hit me back take it easy just trying to help the situation later


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