Ping pong?

I don’t get what the whole ‘girls shooting ping pong balls, out of their wotsit,’ obsession is??? I don’t quite understand, why it turns you fellas on?? ( haha) I mean, it’s not really an outstanding piece of magic?? Or sexy?? Any girl can do it!! Really!! All you have to do, is shove a couple of balls, of the ping-pong variety, ‘up there,’ and push!! Like a baby, it WILL shoot out! It’s more ridiculously hilarious than anything else, like a drunk game or something, not ‘OOh arr, horn dog,’ sexy. I don’t get it?? I’ve never really tried though?? I think i’ll give it a miss, this year…lol… (stop the booing) Sorry to be so random, but i just seemed to remember spying on a boy one afternoon, in LA…when he was ‘massaging his ego’…lets say. He was jerking it, to slimey, ‘coming out of vagina,’ ping pong balls. CHAMPION!!! 

2 thoughts on “Ping pong?”

  1. hahahah i can’t believe you’ve posted a blog on this subject – I just made a joke about this phenomena in your latest blog – note to sekf: read blogs in order!

    Dirty minds think alike it seems… xx


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