Pilates, School Mums & Blond Wisdom

Nat: ‘You going to class tomorrow?

Me: ‘Yeah. I’ve booked in for 9.30.’

‘Shit! I thought it was at 11.30!!’

‘I think, there is one then, at the squash club. But I’m doing the 9.30 on Ropergate.’ 

‘Okay…I’ll book in. Is there mats there? What you wearing?

‘What is this!!! It’s like 100 flipping questions!!!! Haha.’ 

‘Alright!! Lol. I’m only asking!!!’

It’s total enlightenment Tuesday everybody! 

Roll up! Roll up!

Total enlightened Tuesday is where you’ve literally got nothing else to lose, so you decide to find inner peace, via the delicious art of breathing, stretching & balancing.

An art form known to most as Pilates. Taught at the @santoshayogapontefract by

David Beckham does it, so we all should. 

I usually feel dizzy & want to pure after class, because I’m delightfully fit and graceful.

Today…I was Princess strong. Lol. 

Due to my unfitness, it did seem to NEVER end!! I scan the room and make sure I see other faces of agony, just to feel comforted.

I mean, just when you think you’re finally FREE from working every inch of muscle, on your ‘help me please’ body, on an evil workout hog named ‘Horrachio...’ (YES, her ‘hogs’ each have a name beginning with ‘H.’ How CUTE!!!!!! That’s so Me!!)

@west_yorkshire_pilates_yoga makes you do that lovely ‘little bit more,’ to push every bit of your officially knackered body.

It’s kinda like punishment that’s good for you? I ship it! Let’s go!


‘Little bit more..’ in pilates, is absolutely NOT the same as ‘I’ll just come out for one .’ 

I didn’t know that! I’m learning things daily.

Plus, I’ve decided that  Meli (who IS @west_yorkshire_pilates_yoga) is harsh because she’ll say things that sound lovely…like..

‘Now, let’s do the Mermaid…’

Mermaids! In my mind they’re beautiful, magical, sea princesses, that fall in love with Princes on Disney boats.

But NOT HER version of ‘Mermaid.’ Her version absolutely kills, hurts and looks like ‘Jaws 2,’ when I’m doing it.

It’s twisted on every level!!! But everyone was there, giving it a go…and that’s what I love!!!

School Mum Nat, wanted to come with. (I’ve known Nat for ages. I used to date a guy and his sister was good friends with her. But now our boys are in class together.) She’s quite into fitness and stuff. I mean, I’ll do it. But I’m more into a cocktail. I’m always feisty with Nat, but I like that. It makes me laugh. Lol. She can take a bit of Wunna Land banter. You certainly don’t mess with her though! Haha. 

Plus, honestly….it’s good to have a workout mate, that you lay ‘face down’ on a mat with, whilst your sweating, out of breath and in pain, at around 10am, on a Tuesday morning. If I was going to pass away in that moment. I knew I had a buddy. 

Nat & I have actually never hung out with each other in such a manner. It’s was oddly refreshing. And we’ve certainly never hung out whilst Meli (who also has a son in the same class & year as Ruby in school) dictated our next move, in order to tone our bodies

(The thing about this class is that it tones & works every bit of your body out. It’s worth a shot because if you’re like me and you think your body’s ‘alright’ it will really change it to the ‘ooooh yeah, label.)

It was like some kind of positive, yet evil school mums, morning work out. But I’ll tell you now and I’m blogging this, in a carpark of a posh hotel. It’s now 11.50am. I’m just over an hour out of class AND…


I feel like I’ve achieved so much, before noon! No jokes. It was SO worth it. I could definitely take a nap though. Haha. 

I’m actually really glad Nat messaged me, because that alone encouraged me to go. Mainly because I love to inspire, don’t I! But I enjoy familiar faces. I needed to go!

Plus, I like hanging out with ‘da Mamas.’ Y’know, I always say, we’re all really different and I DO really different things, with each Mama personally, upon ‘hang out.’

But I like it. It cheers me up during a time of stress. Being able to cut away from any drama, hard work or pondering is always fulfilling.

I feel really amazing, so I’m grateful. Meli does a lot for Wunna Land , so taking her class is important to me.

Plus, after my morning drop off, I bumped into Jane. (Who I love.) Junior & her baby boy are besties at school. They always have been since day one. I love Jane, she’s so much fun. I even got HER ‘Mothers Day’ card by accident one year because Junior swiped two!

The video to that moment was cute! Lol.

Anyway I saw her this morning, whilst I looked like an exhausted Asian toad ready for pilates, early this morning.

Jane on the other hand looked like something out of Baywatch.

Me: ‘You look AMAZING!!

She was all tall, leggy, tanned and blond. In her infamous tiny shorts, that I absolutely love to pieces!!! She’s definitely the hottest P.E teacher my eyes have ever seen. (And my eyes have seen everything.) Junior must pick his besties on how hot their Mum is!! That’s definitely a Wunna Land trait!

Anyway… Jane told me that she quite liked morning work outs, but AFTER it was done and she’s having a cuppa tea.

I didn’t want to believe her at first…But low and behold, she was 100% right!!!

Felt like a toad pre-morning workout. Now I feel like A QUEEN.

She’s not just a hot, blond, tall, tanned, leggy, pretty face!

I definitely want a cocktail with Jane!

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