Pervs, Love and Christmas Puds


I’ve been wanting to be an Egyptian Princess all day. At approx. 2pm, i was mildly obsessed with this nonsense, that in celebration of being ‘Cleopatra’ (well she was a Queen…which is far more fitting,) i flounced around my living room all powerful and sexual chanting ‘Like the laughter of slaves, in the dessert!!’ (Don’t ask! lol. I have no idea where i got that from?? It just sounded so Egyptian Princess, therefore i went with it. I know…right? I’m never gonna get anyone to fancy me. Just joking…everyone does! *humility is over-rated.* It’s the ‘mad’ in me that turns them on. I do feel quite worshipped right now. Well apart from the guy that otped for a disrespectful ‘i want to eat you out’ instead of ‘Romance.’ What a dickhead!!! )

 Infact, tbh, i don’t know why i’m so repulsed by men like that, because i’m pretty down to earth. I can see the ‘funny funny’ in most things. I just feel like they insult my intelligence or my yearning passion for a loving relationship. I really am a commitment girl. I mean i MARRIED the first love of my life! Everyone always forgets that? I think, there’s a big difference between being a ‘flirty minx,’ and a skank whore,’Dirty bitch.’ I demand respect because i give it. (When i’m not pissed.) And i’m very loving!! But fuck it, I yelled at him and funnily enough his name was ‘Alexander Reid.’ Haha…the thing that makes it even more ‘hids,’ is that he honestly truely believed that he would get to be my ‘other half’ by saying that to me, 3rd line in. Grossed me out! Creepy bastard. I told him i wasn’t interested because i didn’t have to be. (I meant it to. Then i told him he was ‘disgusting.’ ) And d’ya know what he did? (You’d think, bitch ME out right?) Nope…he  BEGGED me to be with him. (That’s ‘ooh laa’ bitches. *winks*) I know i’m doing well with men right now. But like i said, KNOW that at 29 i’m looking for a  ‘serious,’ love….and not just any ridiculous fool of a swine. I don’t just date anyone, because it matters to me deeply, who i have as my ‘future.’ I won’t even kiss someone i don’t see as ‘longterm.’ Infact, right now i’m in a pickle because i have ‘Latin Lover, Lashes & another Boy i used to work with, all wanting to have a ‘little talk’ with me in the New year about getting ‘serious‘ with them. I admire them for their bravery and honesty, but i need to make the right decisions..and who knows, it might not be any of them?? Don’t get me wrong, i have my fun. But now in life, i want a ‘future.’ I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and i’m ready for an Unconditional ‘forever.

Anyway other than that hoopla…(ooh my mums just walked in like she’s going to the Oscars) i’m having a baby drinks party tonight. It’s ‘dress up,‘ and i usually go with whorey..obviously. Why cast me as anything else? If there’s not a slag in the script, you can bet i’m not there. HOWEVER, it seems some other inferior tramp, wants to go ‘whorey’ instead of me. It seems there’s only room for one Christmas floozey, and she never gets to be the ‘sexy’ one or whatever… so i’m being told. (Apparently she’s just lost a whole truck load of weight. Funny really, coz i can’t tell? lol. Note: I can say that due to our ‘best friendiness,’ calm down. Plus, that does NOT BEAT my entire history of ‘sleeping around’ goddamitt!!) I’m off the fucking telly. I’m a beautiful blogging ‘LIFE COACH’ and inspiration to the masses…A FUCKING GLAMOUR *ooh i’m getting a bit feisty* Puss.

Anyway, i’m not a bitch and i’m letting her be the ‘slag.‘ Ugh, it’s like when i could’nt be ‘Ariel’ in a dancing school production, and instead had to be ‘


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