Peeking in Peeky Holes

Much better this morning. Working a glamourous ‘updo’ with golden flowers jabbed into the side of it. I look like the leftovers at a wedding. But whatever, it had to be done. I washed my hair this morning and ended up with traditional oriental girl, flat to face, down do. I looked like a 60 year old schoool girl. I only love BIG hair…on Me. Yet when you have a baby, you kinda don’t get enough time to groom the way you used to. You’re on a time limit and at all times.  You kinda have to fit YOU in between, a nappy change, a bit of a playtime, a bottle feed and cuddles. It’s difficult, however like I said I have a lot of help. I can’t wait until the weekend. I just need a whole day off work, to scoop myself back up and breathe.

I don’t actually have much to report right now, so i won’t bore you with stuff that doesn’t matter. I’m still waiting for my book piccies to get edited, so i can shuffle the rest of my tragical, yet utterly glam masterpiece straight to my publisher and get this book on the shelves.

I don’t have much to report, simply because although tiring, life is pretty great. However, i’m not foolish enough these days to get bored during these times of merry calm. My mum always told me I was headed for great things. In these moments, i think i’m meant to enjoy the peace? Peace nerves me out and simply because drama, always seems to find me right after the moment i realized life is quite Volume 2.

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