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Okay, so yeah i’m back and i can tell I am, simply because the Hate mail…which i often refer to as ‘letters of dear love’ have returned. Whoopee. I could do the whole ‘you don’t know me’ spiel. But you do…so i’ll give you that. Even though i am nicer than you choose to believe. Boobs n all. I’ve just had a loser dude abuse me via the fine art of Facebook, then hit on me after i retaliated. If you have to be evil to me, to simply get me to talk to you, then you have major problems and a very little willy. Then with a ‘scroll, scroll, delete,’ he was gone. Awww….

I’ve had an odd day. I’ve talked to an adult baby. I’ve pretended to be somewhat swedish. I’ve poked myself in the eye. Got out of clothes that fool people into believing i’m a do gooder. I’ve had people sing at me all day. I’ve watched a boyband rehearse. I forgot to buy hangers. I really need a beer. I’m being invited everywhere and anywhere (which i very much like,) and my favourite quote of the day is by one of my most fabulous gays Mikey Kardashian, who I believe stated, ‘I don’t exercise. If God wanted me to bend over…he would’ve put diamonds on the floor.’ (Hahahahaha…Purrfect! A man after my own heart.) Pass me my fur…and i do mean coat, (and not pieces to stick on my lady parts.)

I’m done working, or working it. I’m currently cleaning my appartment and being highly distracted as i can’t for the life of me, seem to beable to do it sober. Lots of work lies ahead. Lots of good times on the cards. I’m currently choosing what parties or events i wish to litter my week with and my left eye is really hurting me. (Probably from all the winking.) I’m excited about London Fashion week. I’m happy i had a chicken burger for lunch and well now i need to get my ‘Cinderella’ back on and try to clean the rest of my appartment. I have people coming over and not the kind that i can trick into doing it all for me.

7 thoughts on “Pass Me My Fur…”

  1. + then you get nice mail from me on facebook, haha!
    The haters are only jealous – they aren’t half as sexy as you! Take it on the chin, dear. You’re better than all of them! xo


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