Party Party, Raunch & Milkmen

Trailed in at 6am, after the best night of ‘party party’ in Leeds. Basically, it was Friday, i’m the Kitty Queen of Party, I fancied having a drinky, so i text ‘Loverboy’ (i mean I half wanted to test his ‘goodtime’ skills) and told him that we should go out for a drinky…on Me. Now, i’m a pay my own way kinda girly…i don’t usually have to, i admit that, yet i’m highly generous. I’ll pay for my drinks, your drinks and anyone else who fancies a bit of a cocktail. Plus, it’s good for Me to show ‘Loverboy’ that i’m an independant Puss of Glamour. I can treat a boy, if i want to and anytime. He usually pays for everything…but last night, he picked me up, we drove to Leeds and well it was all on Me. We went to ‘Living Room.’ (Which if you don’t know, is sort of a trendy floored bar, that is decorated or designed like actual living room. Therefore it’s almost like a house party, but not at all…because it’s an actual bar innit.)

We went, we drank, we always order a bottle of wine first. I looked delicious and he looked gorgeous. I swear when i saw him, i melted. He was in a black pin striped shirt and jeans, and was ultimately Glamour Pussy and BOOBIED! Woohoo! We were really popular last night. We we greeted with a great deal of attention and almost immediately. (Perfect for a floozey like moi.) However, like i said before, i’m used to everyone having a look, a peeky, a little stare and i love it…but it was all apparently very new to him. He just kinda looked at me and smiled, holding our wine bottle and two glasses, and said, ‘It’s just funny, how every person we walk past sort of glares. I’m not used to being with such a pretty girl. They either think i’m loaded, have something they don’t or i’m a footballer. lol.’

We sat down on a giant brown leather sofa, and drank our wine, and cuddled, as pretty much everyone watched out every move and a really drunk couple sitting opposite us ate each others faces off. He celebrated life, we celebrated party party, we celebrated us and had a walk around the joint. ‘Loverboy’ is everso romantic. I mean he’ll open his heart to me, fearlessly and tell me i’m the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. I mean we moved into another room, due to ‘not being able to hear each other’ (a bunch of girls and a lesbo couple were shouting the ‘Living on a prayer’ song out, in merriment, and he gently held my hand, looked at me, and said, ‘Everyday i’m falling more and more in love with you. You’re my perfect girl.’ I obviously loved that…(ego maniac much), i told him how i felt for him, and how delicious he was. Then with a wink….i decided to make vodka our new friend. 🙂 *Pour it bitch*

Lots of fun. A really good time. We ventured down to a little downstairs room, where the ‘bumping and grinding’ haha, goes on, the old dilly dancing and well yeah…we had a sexy little *wiggle.* I love a good dance around. I’m not one to stand and pout when drunk. I’m hyper active. If i can fit a shimmie in…i WILL!! People actually really liked him in that downstairs room. I mean boys kept coming up to him like they had known him for years and doing that manly, coolio, half gang sign, hand shake, that the Hollywood boys do.’ Loverboy,’ didn’t even really know what was going on, but he’s actually really social and really nice. I believe i brought it out in him. I can take any being and turn them from a shy, scoial retard, to an actual popular Glamour Pussy…socialite!!! I don’t know how i do it? Yet, i will say it’s a forte. I’m really good at making others feel good and really enjoy it. I’ve noticed that when people feel good, they become confident. When they are confident, they are a happier and stronger version of themselves. ‘Loverboy’ looked at me and said, ‘This has been the best 2 weeks of my life. I’ll always remember them.’ But that was after he said, ‘I’m gonna end up making a whole load of friends because of you! AND i can’t believe we got free shots for no reason?’ Welcome to my world honey pie!

I was way more drunk that him…because he was driving. But i love me drunk. I’m ace. Therefore we both had a wonderful night. I made friends with a bar tender who thought he was inadequate because he didn’t think he could fling vodka bottles in the air and catch them as good as the other guy. I made him do it for me and when he did, i praised him and called him ‘sexy.’ From that point on, he loved me. We got free shots. Tony was his name and i ADORED him. How sweet! Great guy. Then the toilet attendant lady spanked me, on my way out after a quick toilet groom. I remember talking to a lovely girl in the loo too. Can’t remember what we were on about, but i think it had something to do with being old?

Annnyway, drove home about 3am. Parked up outside my house, Talked about how madly in love we felt, and about having babies. (WOOHOO! Lol.) He told me he loved my openess and truthfulness. If i feel something, i’m not afraid to express and because of that…he now feels confident enough to fully express himself, without thinking i ‘m going to judge him. Then the raunchy things happened. 🙂 (Champion!) I melt when i see him, because, without him saying a word, he looks at me, like he’s soo deeply feels for me…but with a smile.

It’s bizarre, because we can get really dirty…in minutes. One minute we’re talking about life. The next we’re kissing and feeling each other up. Haha. Lots happened. Imagine an abstract of boobies, groans, touching and six packs in the early early morning. At one point he was sat in the back seat, we had our bits out (hahaha) and well i won’t tell you what i was doing, but he was rather into it, and spanking me. HAHAHA. We look at the clock and it’s now 6am. WTF!!!! I’m being a deliciously sexy nuisance, the all of a sudden i *pause* because i can hear a vehicle of some sort. I look up at Loverboy, and then all i see his how fucking sexy he looks, when he looks at me, with his shirt unbuttoned. Therefore i’m slagginess got the better of me and i carried on doing whatever it was i was doing. 🙂

Again…we both hear a noise??? We *pause* we look up…and a flipping Milk van, is merrily trundling up the drive, all happy and early morning’ed. We were half naked, being raunchy, in the back of a car, that had the windows all steamed up and actually CRACKING UP, because we had to bob down and HIDE behind seats, so the milkman wouldn’t see us! I was tucking all boobs, willies and everything back in it’s place in a panic, whilst repatedly hitting my head on the ceiling…in fits of terrified laughter and do you know what the milkman did!?! He pulled down his pants and pee’d on his van and in my garden..not knowing we were spying on him. Haha. Loverboy hates car sex.

And yeah well that killed the moment for Me. I kissed ‘Loverboy,’ we then stopped and just looked at each other for a moment, then hugged. It was morning. I swung open the car door and tottered off into my home. We hate having to leave each other. Amazing night of Oooh laa. I LOVE my life and i hope you love yours to! Enjoy it. Live it. Laugh at it!! Make your dreams come true. Then top up your cocktail and smile. (I’m off to Doncaster to shop for thr rest of the day. I’ve had 3 hours sleep, and fell completely fine!) YAY!


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  1. Hi ya finally got around some time to read another of your blog post. Sounds like you having a pretty good time. That is Kool. Ok now about the Milk Man. I believe I would try to get my milk man changed. Jeez that is crazy him peeing on his van and in your garden. Sounds like you had a wild adventure those are the ones you remember the most. Take Care. Get some rest have fun. Cheers.


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