Party for One

ACE NIGHT! I completely indulged in a ‘Party for one.’ A ‘Party for one’ is when i’m at my strongest and certainly a ‘do’ that i’ve committed to on various occasions and around the world. I used to have them on my Hollywood balcony, in my London appartment..all over the shop really. Now, i’m in Ponty (woohoo) and i’m welcoming in, the ‘Party for one.’ The only people allowed VIP entry, is ofcourse Moi, music, vino (red) and CYBERLAND. 🙂 I’m extremely proud of my contribution to cyberland last night. HAHA. Caught up with old friends, LA friends, (party-boy Matt, who’ s actually ended up being a

During my ‘Party for one’ (which i adore and simply because i can no longer be arsed with a tormenting club scene, unless it’s work 🙂 and also adore because there’s just ME being ‘loungey’ and i can invite ANYONE i so wish into my world, instead of wedging myself into the sweaty masses.) Anyway, i keep getting distracted..i finally managed to catch up with ‘not so little anymore’ George

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