Party at Dawn baby!

I’ve had about one hours sleep! Yippee! Baby Ruby (oh she’s loving all your Tweets by the way…she pretends like she’s reading them with mummy, whilst doing ‘ooh’ faces on my boobie) fooled me into believing that she was going to sleep through the whole night again. I quite cockily thought that this whole apparent ‘sleepless night’ malarky, was going to be a *wiggle,* a *wink* and a breeze. *Puts on nipple tassles- shimmies at you, before packing them right away until i no longer have milk dripping out the ends of my jubblies!*

Loverboy, slept through the whole of the jiggery pokery. LOL. I mean, bless him. He did TRY and do the night-time shift. He’s just an 8hr guy. Luckily, this is where being a previous Kitty Queen of Party. A delicious drizzle of creamy coated candy flavoured ‘

Anyway, he’s walking the Great Wall of China (hahaha…sorry I don’t know why i find that funny. It’s just the thought of moany Gay Adam stranded on a GIANT wall…and in fricking CHINA!! HAHAHAHA.) It’s actually all in aid of a cancer charity called ‘The Christie’ and he obviously needs to raise 3k for them. I’m gonna help bring awareness to his plight to make the world a better place. I’m all for a do-gooder. They’re never as bad as people make out. Apart from the breast feeding ‘nazi‘ girl, who came to my appartment, with the devil in her eyes and the will of trying to force to squeeze my boob into the mouths of others!  I bitch slapped her with a *look.* The fact that she referred to HER

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