‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’ Tonight

So we’re half way through! Episode 4! There’s farmyard animals (and i don’t mean the other contestants..well i do mean some of them,) there’s tears (I wonder who by? Sarcasm Rocks! She needs a slap.) And there’s a revealing of how ‘REAL or FAKE’ the WUNNA-be’s (including myself) are! (Ooooooh!!) I’m really hoping you’ll tune in TONIGHT 9pm ITV2… and be part of the ‘would be better if we were wasted’ madness. I’ll be writing a blog after the lovely episode. (I have to watch it first, as even WE don’t know how it rolls out.) But methinks it will be a goody! Winks x

Chrissie Wunna

4 thoughts on “‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’ Tonight”

  1. U looked amaizing tonight chrissie loved your dress at the end it looked mustard on u and u go girl with them goats LOL u calling em billy goats gruff


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