Paris Hiltons British Best Friend

Watch it TONIGHT on ITV2 at 9pm. It was a major part of my last year, so hopefully it will be a major part of your ‘this’ year. I had a wonderful time…it’s the greatest thing i’ve ever done. So please do enjoy!! I’m a bit nervous yet excited as you’ll all get to see me…kind of ‘in person.’ I’ve been a secret online vice for a very long time… and i do love that. However now, you can put a voice to the face! I’m watching it with all of the other contestants and P tonight. Yet before that i actually have ‘Burma Stuff’ with my Uncle to do! Godda go…i’m supposed to be in a meeting! lol…

2 thoughts on “Paris Hiltons British Best Friend”

  1. u look amaizing chrissie it looks like u and your pals are having a right fany arbukle . u look like a right crack to get on the swill with treacle i am gonna have to get swilled with u beore i die

  2. omg chrissie i so want u 2 win u r so the british best friend ..i wanted 2 kno wher u gt ur brazil top frm babe i love it ur so gorgeous holla bak shereen manchester or if u hav facebook shereen perkins i wanna b ur friend


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