Panic Buttons, Love blips & the Art of Success



I drove all the way to my meeting yesterday morning. It was a miracle that I had got there on time, simply because instead of breathing and taking life’s natural brick road of ‘yellow.’ I did what any glamour puss, with 2 children, a nursery run, love life drama and a pair of lady suit pants that were far too long in the leg, would do and that was give the *PANIC* button a mighty good *WHACK.*

*Panic* buttons are shit. Never *whack* them unless you’re quite willing to stress yourself out EVEN more and live life on a timer. A pointless timer that you seem to put yourself on and simply because in that moment you’ve decided to throw a stress festival. Banners and everything.

The living room was a circus of glittery insanity.It was what I like to professionally refer to as , FUCKED UP. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Excuse my French.) Junior wanted feeding and feather tickling. (Don’t ask!) ย Ruby kept pooing for the nation. One after the other, after the other, after the other. The TV was singing Children’s nursery rhymes at me. A DVD player was reading out the story of Cinderella at least 5 notches too loud. I was sat in nothing but a pinstripe shirt and a thong. We were late. The door was knocking, my phone was ringing and well it was all going to pot and it seemed as though the entire room was spinning around in a flurry of Wunna madness. I even had clip-in extensions flinging themselves about the room, like they were on some kamikaze mission of destruction. And my HAND! FFs! MY HAND! It had a bronzing brush in it and began acting like Britney Spears when she completely lost her mind. I wanted to go to this meeting ‘au naturelle.’ Instead..and because my hand had accidentally bronzed my cheeks so much due to the immediate panic that it was forced to undergo… I had to go looking a tad bit draggy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Things were not good. Especially because THEN The Gods, decided to throw me a period and belly laugh at my struggle. *All swearing is appreciated here.*

Then my Mother *burst* through the door and in approximately 3.5 minutes and after she had completed each and every task for me, put on the baby’s coats, giventhem both treats, found me new work trousers, smiled like life was as simple as a breeze, told me to calm down, decided to do the nursery run for me, swirled around like Mary Poppins and told me to meet her in 10 minutes by the Ackworth garden centre, so she could show me the best route to travel to my meeting on…the entire room turned to harmony and in moments.

I went from complete and utter Asian madness…

To this..

*Hair flick/Fluffy/Calm*


*White Smile*

There I was, like a moronic idiot of serene glamour. Posing and pouting, like life couldn’t BE any easier, even if I tried! ๐Ÿ™‚ I even had bucket loads ofย ‘look at me’ time, as I posted them on every inch of my social media channels, as soon as ultimately possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ #donthate

That’s how great my Mum is. She comes in and gets things sorted, when she knows i’m maybe in danger of losing my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was going through a comedically jolly hard time, the night before, due to all sorts that decided to concern my ‘heart matters’ emotionally.’ I just couldn’t think straight and when wine didn’t even fix it, I just sat back and laughed it off..BEHIND TEARS! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will however say that Mums officially KNOW EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! ย That night, I had no idea how my mum managed to come up with the exact correct theory of a situation that had occured. But she did. She’s a ninja. She didn’t even say it like she was guessing. She blurted it out confidently with panache. She definitely has spies.

The next morning was just far too insane for me to enjoy. So, that’s why I made it all harder for myself by *whacking* the button of *Panic.*Humans are odd? Aren’t wee? Things in life are always simple and merry. Yet at time andbecause we’re grumpy we chose to complicate them for no real reason. The simplier you keep your life, the easier it is and the happier you are. My life right now, is about stability, money making, family and ‘ooh laa.’

Bottom line, without telling you anything. I got to the meeting. Got lost. Got found. Meeting (which was in the most amazing building EVER,) went well. I LOVED it. Yet please do remember that I was so completely filled with the flu, that in my eyes, I could’ve performed 50% better. I came out half disappointed in myself because when I do things, I always want to do them with absolutely fabulousity. I had SNOT falling out my nose and had to talk in a MAN voice the entire way through it. Ornage had come off parts of my nose where Ihad placed the tissue to blow it! ๐Ÿ™‚

In fact, at one point, my own throat decided to *CROAK* out of nowhere and completely without my permission, making it sound like I had literally JUST BURPED. WTF! What is my life! Pahahaha!

Anyway, I had a wonderful time and well it now seems that I didn’t do too badly at all, as yesterday’s news, followed up by more ace news this morning has turned into GREATNESS. I actually did really WELL! Yay! I love that feeling! So, all’s good. I’m a money making machine. I’m wiggling. I’m winking. I’m going back in next week… with a strut!

The funny thing about it all was that, as soon as I had left the building, driven home, made frantic phone calls, whilst sat in the car outside my house talked a little, cried a lot..(it’s normal for me, don’t fret) lip glossed a little and then got happy…really really happy. (It was the best three hours ever and the kinda three hours that make you feel safe again. Emotionally safe. The moment where all the madness stops and you can breathe out with a smile and feel positive again.) But yeah…I suddenly realized that I was cured and I had no more FLU LEFT! YIPPPEEEE!

TYPICAL! I went to a massive meeting. Croaked through it like I was burping. Struggled through it with my ‘half charm’ (even though I did know what I was talking about.) That’s always the case. I hate knowing stuff, yet not being able to deliver it effectively. Then as soon as I’m back no longer ย needed to sound feminine anymore…my flu goes and I get my voice back. My snotty nose even dried up!

Thank you, Gods!


However, it didn’t matter because it seems I was magnificent anyway, even with a dollop of the ‘fluey, fluey man voice.’ Yeah baby! #beme ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday was a great day. Everything slipped right back to normal and I got excited about life again.

The children were fine. Ruby did these for me at nursery ๐Ÿ™‚




Picasso! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’ve deliberately put them up simply because she HAS actually this time created artwork by herself for Me. Ruby however has a usual habit of pointing at a work of art, it can literally be anything…like a Faberge Egg, a genuine painting by Degas, or just a book with printed ducks on it..and she’ll look me in the eye and say, ‘Hey Mummy. I’ve made this for you.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Adorable!)

Anyway, whilst Ruby was being a talent. Junior did this, for most of the rest of the evening and that was after heavy bouts of extreme GIGGLING. He’s literally nutty and I adore him for it! He’s like a little laughing Buddha…but with a dummy. Gosh, I’ve only just remembered that I have the words, ‘Itty Bitty Burmese Buddha’ tattooed upon my lower left back. It’s only tiny. Can’t believe I forgot that. Sucky thing about lower back tattoos, innit!


The fruits of my loins. Amazing children. I want two more. But not yet. Don’t get worried. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mama needs to make some dough first, at the same time as enjoying the children as little bambinos whilst they still are little bambinos and celebrating the fact that I can actually strut now without having to perform a half waddle. #yeehaa

Life is really great right now and i’m no longer stuffing the square peg through the circle. I feel delicious. I feel loved. I feel successful and I’m looking alrighty! ๐Ÿ™‚ The good thing about being a busy girl is that when you’re busy, you have less time to ponder the drama and absorb the stress. The busier you are, provided that it’s good busy, the more successful you will become and well the strength of your happiness, with the balance of a jolly whole heart will determine how far up that ladder, you actually go.

Good things happen to good people.

Be thankful for your lucky stars!

I feel like i’m going to be a success and the good thing to feeling that way is simply because that’s how it usually happens. My advice to anyone in business, any business…is to feel happy, feel loved, work harder than 100%, be really great at what you do, be determined, and again really great at what you do…but pick ONE THING and go for it.

I see so many people dipping and dabbling in so many things that they believe they can be or do. And chances are they could. However, if one wishes to be a GIANT success, In my mind…(and this is from watching the people who I know have been mighty Hollywood and British successes) you have to PICK ONE THING that you’re great at and work your balls off to be a master at it. It can be anything, any industry. But one thing!

A ‘Jack of All Trades/Master of none’ is soooo 2003. ย Plus, it forces you to only give 30% here to something, 20% there to another…10% on the thing that isn’t going as well as you like..and 40% is wasted on dreaming. I fell that I can tell a person who will end up being successful immediately. People always think that you never know what can happen. Yet the people who have been a success have always known what they’re doing. Don’t get it twisted. There was a plan.

Pick one thing…Go for it!

My advice!



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