Pammie’s still got it!

So, i’ve just heard a bunch of oldish ladies, say how gross, and inappropriate Pamela Anderson is because she went on a gameshow, or something, with the teeniest skirt on, which showed her sexy panties, and she shouldn’t… because she’s now a mother and mother’s shouldn’t be sluts!!

I say, ‘BOLLOCKS,’ and i’m sick of this whole, ‘now you’re a mother, you’ve got to wear nun suits,’ thing!! (the mothers that judge, are mothers that quite frankly, need to get rammed in the ‘ahem’ with a giant vibrating device, repeatedly.) Helloo…she made millions, from her ‘Funbags,’ and thats means she’s a GENIUS!!!!! YOU, didn’t make millions from your maybe ‘not so’ Funbags!! You probably made tea and cheating husbands!!! lol…Anyway, I can gurantee, that when her boys are older, (if not already,) they will no doubt,  be boasting that their mum, is ‘Pamela Anderson,’ so they can totally get laid, and jump the line at clubs. Bottom line….She’s Pammie, and she can do whatever she so wishes!! Why?? Because she’s Pamela, fucking Anderson!! That’s why!! And she’s HOT!! I think her body should be celebrated!! I mean , we should all be pouring  beer over her love humps, and licking it off gleefully, in a glitter shower, whilst howling at the moon, and calling her Daddy!! And not dissing her, because she’s sexy. Don’t care what anyone says. I’d let ‘Gary Glitter’, finger meTWICE,  to just be Pammie for one day, when shewas at the height of her fame!! Well, maybe not, as i’d have to Mcbonky Tommy Lee. Yet now i’m thinking, he did steer a giant boat with his hugemongus ‘hey HEY hey.’ How did he do that??She’s delicious!! OOh i fancy a Stella!

Nothing else to report as of yet, except, leave your TOPS at home, its’ TUESDAY!!

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