Oxford and Book Talk

So i’m having to write this little bloggy right now, due to the fact that early tomorrow morning at some silly 6am hour, i will have to rise from my chambers, jump on a train and function my way to Oxford, to talk to some fine Dandies down there about a book. (Not that you care..) A very kind lady is in charge of consulting my merry arse onto a ‘dreams come true’ victory train. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen? And i have no idea what i’m going to learn? But i figure as long as i don’t do ‘that’ (direct eyes to the above picture) I’ll be A Okay! I’m terribly nervous, because i dont want to go all that way and come back all thumby, glum and feeling like a lost soul, who got up at 6am (- which is a time any decent person is only just coming in. )Yet, i’m confident, feisty and ready to rev this little thang called ‘life’ up. (Cos i’m failing miserably at it.) If anyone can do anything…it’s ME! Even if i have to cheat a little. (She winks.) God, i’m disgusted at my picture choice for this blog. I’m a trollop! Like honestly what has that got to do with me going to a book consultancy…like ever??? I’m fishing around for answers in my undies!

Wish me luck. I’ll need it. Especially at that time in the morning! The even funnier thing about this whole ‘whoopdee’  is that i have a phone interview before it for asia, that i will have to do on a train, (Coach C) whilst some morning ‘train perv’ licks his lips and rubs his groin at me. I can’t handle such behaviour at before 9pm and ten whisky sours.

Oxford! Book! Doing it! (Applause)

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  1. u look mustard in the pic if u go like that at least it will make a book talk a bit intersting it might be a boring old geezer waffling in to your shell about shit so if u go like that he might not weaffle as much


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