Overly Eager ‘Man Juice’

Afternoon all. There’s a being in my bed, all half naked and dreamy, that i touched bums with all night, and farted on a little. (But girly farted, as opposed to fanny farted .) I went for drinks with him last night, (which was delicious and cold) then mid-sippy sip of booze, he lent over, rubbed my thigh (there was a table full of us actually, one negative guy, one that sounded like ‘peedy Gonzalez’ and some other odd looking blond girl, who was married to a 50yr man, and was the nosiest mare on the planet. I couldn’t go anywhere without her following me…with her nutmeg grinding dildo.) Anyway, the boy was ‘Lashes’ and he leans over, after thinking i was so terribly sweet for coming to see him, and basically, in his delicate, whispery voice TELLs my ear, that he will be staying over. Aww…i like a man that knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to voice it. More men waste precious time with me, than actually find the balls to be brave and i can always see it…and mainly because by now, i’ve dated EVERYONE at some point. I know men and i know men well, yet have to pretend i don’t know too much, in order to make them believe they have the control. I like a man to beable to take control of me…and i rarely ever find one that can. In the words of sporty spice…’I need a man, and not a boy who thinks he can.’

Talking about boys who think they can….Jonny’s apparently gone white blond. He’s currently obssessed with being quirky, and different. I guess he’s trying to ditch the ‘Vanilla’ in him, or something? Not too sure why? Maybe someone broke his heart, (y’know how girls will always immediately change their hair, or get a tattoo, after a good ol’ dagger to the heart) OR he’s trying to impress a chick-a-licka of some sort? He ditched me for lunch. 10 points to ‘Lashes’ & his overly eager ‘man juice’ i guess? He was laid on my bed, with a pizza in is hand, telling me he intends to move in and that he’s on his way to loving Me. (On his way??) I laid on my bed with him, as we bantered with one another about the differences between men and women. And I noticed that no matter what he’s wearing, he always has a throbbing boner. Always!!! It confuses me and i’ll pet it through his work trousers, like it’s a hamster. Maybe i’ll feed it biscuits next time. Oh and i also scored drinks with a hottie on Thursday. I have a brief history with Thursday boy…so it’ll be fun to actually see him again, under different circumstances…but this time over booze. (Wink.) It’s a boy who i’m friends with, who i actually really used to fancy. And well he used to fancy me too, but he took too long in his ‘game’ to snag The Wunna. Therefore, mid-game play…I got snagged. I’m a fast mover. I don’t like things or people who take too long. It bores the dillies out of Me.

Lots of stuff going on. Lots of stories i can’t yet tell you about, just yet. OOOOOH LAAAAA!! Lots of fun being the ‘Glamour Puss’ of all Pusses. And well…my love life is finally HOTTING up. Ouch! Cold shower me down bitches. This floozey’s feeling frisky.

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  1. im pleased u are happy but lashes is a lucky basterd u do give all the fridges u see weird names dont u i cant wait till one day u say i met this fella i shall call him mug boat


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