Oopsies, Drinking and Puppies


Omg! What a weekend! It actually turned out to be the most wonderful bit of comedic time with my lovely hubby to be. All i’m gonna say is, (well i am going to be sayin a whole lot more) but yeah…when you go out for a night on the rizzle razzle, to meet your mister for a drink (he redeemed himself) and you end your night with a new puppy named ‘Rambo’…you know you are a bunch of champions. Drunk Keiran merrily celebrated Wunna Land with a new puppy. Maybe sober Keiran, will regret this! HAHA. (He loves ‘Rambo.’ I mean anytime we have a minature growler cosying into our bed sheets with us, with a cuddle and a wink. You know it’s love. The good kind. I will however say EVERYTHING ends up in our bed. We’re both softies, who can’t bare to see the deserving go through minor heartache. It will end up in our bed. Be it Ruby, Rambo…and everything else inbetween. Infact, now i think about it, it might only be things beginnin with ‘R.’ But yeah…i looked at him this morning and said, ‘We’re gonna have 42 children and they’re ALL going to end up in this bed, as we ‘bookend’ them on each ‘falling off’ side. Lol. I love how in love we are and i adore that no matter what…no-one and nothing can break that. We know each other better than anything or anyone and our love for one another is magical. We see the good in each other and only because we’ve proved the ‘good’ in each other TO each other..where no-one else as!

Okay…it was late…ended up meeting Keiran in Wakefield. (He’s just staggered down the stairs and with a smile on his ‘just woke up’ face said, ‘YOU stole all my money!!’ ) #pointstowunnaland. Anyway, i looked quite the charm. He greeted with an ‘oh god you are beautiful.’ He took me for a quick cocktail, enjoyed love, gave each other a cuddle and well he looked at me with eyes that were sooo deeply in love with me. We held each other on the cobbles, under the stars with a ‘Baby, we’re touching bellies!’ It was perfect. He told me that he couldn’t wait to marry me.

Anyway…and i’m gonna keep a long story short…we end up at The Hub for a bit of a shimmie and a bit of a shake. A couple of his friends were there, who he had earlier gone out with and well all was delicious with a wee bit of ‘giggle-wink.’ I had my hair did, neon on my bottom half and was greeted with a pervy warm welcome by the boys of Wakefield. I mean, as soon as one bit of leg reached out of my taxi to the town….i was bombarded immediately by a group of me who thought i was ‘their one.’ Hmm? I wasn’t bothered, in fact quite flattered…until I got caught up in some looong pervy conversation, where the other party didn’t quite get the ‘anyway, hope you have a great night’ exit line. But good night. I felt sexy.

At The Hub, drinking vodka redbulls with my lovely hubby, he’s smooching me, loving on me and dancing around on some platform as i wiggled below him. For ages everything was perfect. No drama. All love. All fun. THEN came the unfun part. There i am in my full extension glory…in neon and white (lol) having the best time ever and within a moment flat i end up having to be confrontational with a girl, who i associated with another girl that i despise. And just like that the evening went downhill! I’m a girl who will always ‘dagger’ then initally walk off, due to ditch drama…but then i went with fuck it, after redbull and vodka. I’m tired of people ‘yadda-yaddering’ therefore with the support of the handsome, i turned around and deliciously argued my case out. I’m feisty…it was not good. I was on a platform dancefloor, in the face of the girl in question (who actually isn’t horrific, but well the boys wanted us to fight…so we did) i had my finger in her face, i was screaming at her, then yelling at her, then explaining why i would nothing to do with any of them, if they continued to be troublesome to my relationship. Love is something to be celebrated, not torn apart and bitched about. Then just like that she disappeared…with her boyfriend…who congratulated me on my book. (Which was weirdly sweet…and quite good form.)

After the fight, Keiran and I are fine…until i think. As i’ve thought, i’ve figured that the boys set the meeting up, as the other memeber of the ‘boy’ party had come up to me and said, ‘well it had to get sorted out.’ And had told Keiran that he was going to meet his girlfriend. Hmm..?

I yelled at Keiran for trying to set me up. He swore he never did. We fought. More yelling, more drink throwing. I got dragged out of the venue, by my kitty cat wrist, I got yelled at some more, I yelled, i threatened to leave and then because i wouldn’t listen Keiran decides it’s a really good idea to THROW my unzipped handbag, filled with my life over a hedged wall and into a completely locked and coded parking area that we have no access to. I storm off. He sees me walk off, feels guilty, realizes what he’s done and quickly leaps over the gate and scrambles to get my bag. It was actually quite funny, because i remember him chasing after me, all fuming…with a green designer handbag delicately perched upon his shoulder, like a Queeny superhero.

By this time i’ve walked off and ventured down a quiet road, on my own. I look behind me and he’s there with my handbag. (Quite cute actually.) He’s still fuming, but is now trying to make it all right. We’re in a dark corner, only lit by a street lamp  and i’m sat on a wall, away from everyone and everything. Were in our ‘talking it all out’ moment and FIVE RANDOM MEN, leap out of nowehere in order to defend my honour. How funny! (I’m actually quite happy about this. I mean, if it wasn’t Keiran and was some scary man, they would’ve beat him up for me and saved my life.) But yeah, FIVE men had seen him drag me out the club and followed our fight to the point where they popped out of nowhere and were ready to save me from danger. Good men! I like that. (One even popped over the fence with a little bald head. LOL) Anyway, we told them that nothing ‘dramatico’ was going on, but appreciated their help. They then turned all happy and bubbly and told us that we were ‘good looking’ (lol) with a hand shake and a laugh. Hilarious! Taming the masses with a *wink.*

It all calmed down, with us explaining we were fine and just like that everything went back to ‘fairytale’…back to normal and back to love. That moment of random fighty boys was good, because it shocked us out of drama, with a ‘wait, what are we doing.’ Immediately, we were back to love. We never actually left the bubble. But like i always say to him, if you let drama come into our lives, then you will destroy it. People are meant to cut out those who bring ‘yadda-yadda’…and simply because it’s the healthy way to live.

They wouldn’t let Keiran back in the club, so we had to go to a differernt bar. Fun. Chatty. Filled with people who ‘knew me from somewhere.’ More booze, convo, love and shots. A few pervs and then this chubby girl, who kept stopping me telling me i was beautiful, going on about how she wanted my hair and weirdly kept saying, ‘I wish i looked like you.’ (What? Asian in neon? 🙂 ) Anyway, she decides to tell her friend that she had ‘got with’ Keiran twice.  Erm…? Don’t worry, it wasn’t drama it was funny. He just looked, laughed and with a ‘have you seen my wife…as if i would..’ we tended to the rest of the evening, in neon, faux fur and new hair. (I’m too old for this. Lol)

We went to visit his other friend, then his little sister, ended up with a puppy and then met my mum in Meadowhall for a lovely family lunch. The throwing of my handbag, had actually made me lose my Blackberry. Not good. You feel lost without your phone, right? Luckily, Keiran came to the rescue, drove all the way over to the wall at 7am in the morning, (i fell asleep on a seat belt,) he jumped the hedged fence and found my ‘still there…phewf’ phone by a children’s play area?

The rest of the day was all about salmon handrolls and sleep. I now have so much work to tend to, with the book launch approaching. It’s now this weekend. I’m also filming mid-week in London and have a bucket load of promo to get through, with mummy and puppy duties! HO Hum! I even got a call from DK in Hollywood this morning to get the organisations for the movie sorted. I was laid in bed…chatting about work, with a handsome and a puppy in my bed.

Keiran and I madly in love, loving our fairytale, we can’t wait for the wedding and we have a lot of work to tend tooo! We also now have a puppy. 🙂

Moral of the story: People who concentrate on drama and enjoy bringing it into happy peoples lives, aren’t worth your life air time. The art of being positive really isn’t that hard. Enjoy a drama free life and prosper.

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