Oooh You Cheeky Bugger…


I’m feeling, frisky, full of myself, sprinkled off with a delicious BIRTHDAY fever. I can’t wait until tomorrow now, firstly because I turn the big 29, and secondly because it’s a ONCE in a LIFETIME thing. I’ll never turn 29 again and well i love a bit of ‘once in a lifetime.’ (*she does the running man aggressively.*)

I’m going to have the maddest of fun, be flirty, be fabulous and where attire that will inspire people to call me a ‘Floozey.’ I’m seeing it as a celebration of Chrissie Wunna, a glorious ‘THANKYOU’ to 2009 for being so good to me, and well being a girl who has everything see wants with a viscious ‘VOOMAGE,’ i’m not sure i need anything for my bday, but another ‘Good time.’ I never understand why people refrain from celebrating the DAY they were BORN. It’s the best day ever and the only day you have completely for YOU!!  My grooming for the day…(i’m a glamour puss..i adore grooming) has already begun. I’m so excited!! *wiggles* It’s just one of those days where i’ll get away with ANYTHING and i get away with ANYTHING i can take it to another level.

I did say i want nothing, but i do want booze, love, cigars and merriement. I’m not sure why i’m so in on this whole cigar thing right now…i just fancy ’em innit, reminds me of old school gangster glamour. Tomorrow, i’m going to drink until i can no longer see and flirt like a well boobied burmese bint. What can i say, but…lock up your sons!!!!! *beckons*

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