Oooh Now Loverboy

Busy day, getting a little stressed, phone has not stopped all day. I need a baby time out, with a wine and a handsome and a garden, with a *wink.* For a Drama Queen, i’m slowly realising that uneccessary ‘drama’ is not something i enjoy. I’m an easy going, Glamour Puss. We do things in our own time, merrily, stylishly, (making all the troops adore us along the way) and seductively. I mean, if you’re not keeping it ‘sexy.’ Then what are you doing? Right now, i need to breeeathe. However, it seems i’m learning things, that will really help me in my future of ‘World Dolly Domination’ today…and fast. *I need a mimosa- and to be spolit.*

I’m starting a really new chapter of my life. Everything’s changed (because i wanted it to) and for the better. My career is blooming, my love life is delicious, my friends are different and my whole utter ‘being’ is a great deal more… ‘together.’ I’ve never felt stronger or more confident. I feel as though i can take on this world a *wiggle and a wink* and keep you all smiling along the way.

Yesterday on Twitter, i wanted my Tweeple to each make a gloriously egotistical statement about themselves. Only four people did and the rest either couldn’t be bothered, couldn’t think of anything amazing about themselves, or felt too shy to do it? How bizarre?? I mean one lovely lovely girl, messaged me telling me that she daren’t tell everyone that she thought she was beautiful. Now, this has got to change. In LA, we as the girls are taught it is completely FINE to adore yourself, and i’m all for that and then some.

It’s not rude to declare your own ‘beauty.‘ I think it’s AMAZING!! More people should beable to simply ‘shout out’ their Greatness, without having to apologise for it. If you love yourself, TELL THE WORLD. What they gunna do? Nothing, but wish they had the balls to do it also! I understand that i’m quite egotistical. But when i’m thoroughly convinced by any living being that LOVING who you are, celebrating who you are  and enjoying what’s great about you is wrong…then i’ll stop, (for a good ten minutes and only because i’ll need a cigarette.) If you do it in a FUN way and not in an evil ‘i’ve got a big head for no real reason’ way…then for completely deliciously fine. Get with it. Get invovled!

I’ve done a lot of business meetings today, alongside scheduling photoshoots, approving pictures, fighting off the odd mild, day time pervert and searching high and low for any leftover cupboard wine. I’m used to just being an entertainer, therefore the whole contracts drama, is something i find stressful. I mean, i don’t stress Me out. But others do. Luckily, everything is getting all sorted out dandily and i have a meeting in London tomorrow lunch time, to *wiggle* out a deal of Greatness. I’m playful, but when it comes down to the making money side, i’m quite stern. I want the best of everything…and nothing short of  what i consider the ‘best’ will do. *hair toss* Oh and away from that. I love that you’re all reading my blog right now. It’s something delicious that will always be there when you’re bored or need a ‘fix.‘ It’s a bit of saucy sin, simply a scroll, click away…then you can read everyday…take a break from it, then return weeks later…only to find it’s right there waiting arrival. OOhhhh laaa!

Funny thing happened this morning, i was laid in bed, slowly waking up, having a bit of naughty ME time…(I don’t get to wake up to the Loverboy yet…so my imagination (and thank the lord for it) is all i have get my ‘Kitty’ a going. (Eww, was that gross?) I rolled over, got blinded by the light and then got a text telling me that i was the kinda girl that ‘waltzes in and takes anything she wants.‘ I had drama before 9am. Delicious! I looked, i laughed and out loud found myself saying, ‘Waltz? I don’t Waltz anywhere?? I’m a fucking Glamour Puss! I, hand on hip.. strut!!.’ Then i sort of threw my pink Blackberry to one side, which i need to stop doing because i can then never find it, and i’m usually hungover. Then pulled my big quite quilt back over my head, to wake up again an hour later. I refuse to start the day being told i ‘waltz.’

I’ve got a lot more , i’ve got to get to doing. Usually i *wink* and things get done. However, not today. I already need a massage. I love massages. I could have them all day, everyday. They’re best when they turn a bit ‘cheeky.’ (Like this one time with a french man, in my LA hotel room. He wasn’t even fit. He more just got me at the right moment. And the sick thing about it, was that without my knowledge, ( i found out later) he had a wife in hospial, who HAD just HAD his BABY….a DAY ago!!!) How terrible. He’s disgustingly. I was only little too…probably about 21.

I’ve got to run off, because that memory has mad me gip up. I WILL tell you that my lovely ‘Loverboy’ is still being ever so desirable. It’s all going far too well, which is something i truely love. I mean, i’ve been through a whole chapter of awful, or not good enough boys. Therefore now i have a decent one…i’m not so willing to let him go…ever. Haha. Lucky him! *Wink-pout.* I don’t take good men for granted. He’s pretty sure, without hesitation that he adores me…and fearlessly. HOT!! (Ooh and he’s so manly.)

We had a conversation last night, whilst Kerry Katona was on the telly, having a nervous breakdown. I LOVE KERRY KATONA!! I really think she’s adorable. I want to just give her a cuddle and get drunk with her. I’m obsessed! I think she’s lovely.

But anyway, yeah i got distracted…Loverboy and I had one of those serious conversations where we define our relationship, explain where we want it to go, and tell each other how we truely feel. I loved it, because i didn’t realize that he didn’t think i adored him, as much as I do!! He thinks very highly of Me…which often confuses Me? I’m ‘Dream girl’ to him and well being a girl of my nature…i LOVE that! Anyway Igot the joy of telling him how much i care…which i adore. We’re both now very forward with expressing how we feel about each other and what we want to come of it. There’s no jiggery pokery, no ‘game’ or Tom Foolery. It’s just simple, mushy expression.

Without telling you too much, we came to the conclusion that we were just gonna opt for being ‘together forever,’ we want to settle down immediately, be stable, fun and happy…oh he hopes i still like him in ten years! And infact, he thinks i’ll be a ‘fox’ in ten years…and no doubt i will! (haha.) At least i’ll be able to live my ‘Cougar’ dream. (If you are American, you will understand that.) I’ll try and find you a text quote from last night…hang out..(I’m kittens are pissing on everything!)

Ur different to any other girl i’ve been with & this feels like it’s gonna be proper. I hope so. I want us to settle down, but only when your ready, coz i know how busy ur lifestyle is. 🙂 I will look after you!/I’m mad about you & i can’t believe how much we actually feel for each other. I can’t wait to beable to cuddle up with u every night, give you kisses & massages. Ha ha..look what u’ve done to me, i need 2 start being a bit more macho now. lol’

I sent back: ‘You are perfect to me. I am 100% ready to settle down with you.’

Hahaha…i do LOVE it!!!!! He’s taking me out tomorrow. He wants to. I’ll let him. God this  settling down thing is ACE!!(Right now, people on my telly are making monkeys out paper ‘bits & bobs’ to give as greeting cards to pregnant women! As if ANYONE can be arsed to do all that!! Just buy a card for two quid at Clintons & a baby grow!!! I’m not paying £19.80 for a monkey making set!!!)


At No.5 Cavendish London

5 thoughts on “Oooh Now Loverboy”

  1. I LOVE ur username, Kitty West, it’s delicious.

    Thankyou my honey pot for the love…u sound just as fabulous!

    You will find your dream man…i went through a bundle of ‘tired ass’ boys lol, until i found one that appreciated me and my Ooh llaa.

    Hang in there my beauty! I love you x

  2. Hi ya read this post. So I guess I am showing even more love by posting one day hope it will inspire thousands to just post on here. So for now the thing on twitter yesterday. Dreams are like wild. Jr. High l wanted to be a famous rock musician everyone in our band was talented and wanted to be. But then we I guess some feel by the way side but I stood through for what well Music I may not make like a whole lot with the songs I have and all but I do something that comes from the heart. Some things you just got to love to do. Your right about beauty too I have always tried to look for it I thought like with art and all. Then one day I woke up Like wow. Beauty is all around you just look at it. But also there’s inner beauty. Um ok massages may be ok for women but as me it would give me the creeps I think. Never had one. So everything else is cool also. Oh also had good laugh at that last line monkey making set the cards that was funny. Well Have good times. Cheers.

  3. Hi Honey. Lol. I LOVE reading your comments. Everything you write i find tremendous…and mainly because you agree with me. lol

    OMG…you HAVE to get a massage. It will ooze you into a blissful ‘ooh laa.’ xx

    Thankyou for reading.


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