OOOh Mama

A quickie for you before bedtime!! Hopefully we’ll all have the sweetest dreams, but i doubt it, as i’ve just heard that Ricky Martin, is now the proud father of TWINS!!! All you bloody boys, had convinced me that he was GAY. (Aaaargh!!) I was positive, that i was the chosen female, to bare his ‘hip McShaking’ spawn, and NOW some ‘mystery (in your face bitches, i got to shag Ricky martin) chick’ has managed to get sausaged by Ricky, and have his baby…TWICE!!! How can this be??? I was meant to be Mrs. ‘Living La vida loca!!’ You all ruined it, by convincing me he ‘willied’ men!! Haters! lol…

4 thoughts on “OOOh Mama”

  1. cracking pic chrissie i aint gonna read the writing as the pic alone has cheered me up and calmed me down from engliand cheers treacle

  2. true but iwas to fumin at the time babe and just looing at that calmed me down. im sorry about ricky martin but i always thought he was an iron and all ight he of paid this bird to have his chavvies so he and his fella can have em ?

  3. Don’t be fooled, Chrissie. Much like a certain couch-jumping actor and a certain “thrilling” pop star from the 80’s, I suspect Ricky’s kids are merely a beard.


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