Oooh go on then…

Well February is upon us and i completely ballsed up the first month of the year, so lets see how well i do in the second. Infact, i don’t actually think i twatted up January. I mean, i smeared my Kitty of Horror reputation on everything, quite properly really. It was like a thick buttery spread of drunken joy. Therefore, more than anything.. i think i deserve a treat of some sort. My fanbase of hot bitches rock. We understand what living is. We understand what celebration entails. We understand….yes i am completely trying to justify my tragic actions. But whocares, i’m still the Ultimate Glamour Puss. Definitely the Kitty Queen of Party, with a tender touch of ‘naughty naughty’ and well i’ve managed to die of the flu, party every night, vomit over everything, sign to a new American personal management, flirt with handsomes, dance with tramps, be bought diamonds, wink at drunks, get thrown out of places for apparent disgusting gay bashing, (which i didn’t do,) get into 401 delicious fights, be escorted out of a castle by the police, talk to the man that ‘de-flowered’ me, be in boobie magazines galore, really fuck up my body clock, look AMAZING whilst doing it and therefore secure a new cosmetics line. Well done me. Those 31 days don’t seem to bad now after all. GIMME MORE! *Hip bump.*

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