Thoroughly enjoying the term ‘Rotating showgirl.’ It describes me to a ‘T,’ even though i completely just stole it from ‘Dancing on Ice.‘ (Only the best Glamour Pusses take all the credit for the work of others. I do it quite frequently. Then i *wink* and you all forgive me…well something like that anyway?) Loverboy has run off to grab us a curry from ‘Abduls’ and simply because the sequins and lycra, that ITV have dosed upon us, have gotten the better of our dear sweet natures. I have no idea what I meant by that? Yet again…it works for Me. *Wiggles.* Yay to curry night! We do it every

Okay, i’ve spent the entire day with my family, doing last minute baby purchases. After an hour and a half in ‘Mothercare.’..where the customer service is exceptional, might I add! The customer service in the Meadowhall ‘Mama’s & Papa’s’ is extremely shit!!!! They’re like proper chavvy, ‘can’t be arsed to make this experience worth your while whores of orange.‘ I’m the only whore, who’s allowed to be a tinny shade of orange. The only difference is…i’m actually pleasurable. Mothercare…The Doncaster branch, was divine. Every lovely that worked there, made every moment of my breast pad buying experience magical. I loved it. They made both my Mother and I all excited about our next chapter and were nothing but the greatest of help. ( Hang on the curry’s here. I’m gonna have to take a Kitty cat popadom break…)

[A  spicy hour later]

…i’m back.

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