Once Upon a Time

You’ve all seen this one a million times, as it caused a a bit of a stink…but i love it. It’s my ‘Classic Chrissie Wunna.’ It’s the first picture taken from my very FIRST glamour shoot in LA. (West Hollywood, to be exact. Oh and i’m holding the LA Times.) This guy named ‘Cullin’ found me at a coffee shop on 3rd and la Cienega. I think he had been following me, which is a bit ‘creepy odd odd,’ but then convinced Me over a latte that i’d be great at a bit of glamour modelling. (I’m aware this sounds a bit pervy, but it wasn’t…well he did get a bit pervy later on in my life.) He was a photographer. The sun was out. I said i wanted to shoot with a newspaper. The rest is HISTORY!

1 thought on “Once Upon a Time”

  1. it is a blinding pic but the paper isnt as good as the current it looks a bit like the times over here an interlectual papaer . but u still look choong batch babe


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