On The Way UP & totally Glamour Pussing!!


I’ve just woken up and I CAN’T actually believe i wrote that blog last night. I feel a bit embarrassed, a little bit exposed (lol) and well i’m going to try and hide my shame with a bit of ‘humour’ this morning and pictures of me in barnyard bubble baths. It’s the only way forward. (Haaha..) Ugh!! I just spilt my tea on my laptop. Noooooo… ( i feel a ‘hissy fit’ coming on.)

I did actually feel that way last night, hence why i’m glad i blogged it as it was true, raw, and helps people (including myself) realize that it’s okay to feel that way at times. Know that i am OKAY now, (lol) and back to my merry self…it was just a moment of pathetic self pity & now that i’ve slept on it, i’m fine. I am amazed by the amount of messages i got from people all over the world. Lots of you felt the same that evening, which upset me, ( an American woman who was a teacher, a teenage girl in Japan, a 28yr old guy in Egypt, a successful guy who plays football)  but made me realize i was normal. Then there were the ones that offered your support. The ‘do gooders.’ And i love you for it!! Thankyou. I’m all for cheering up and doing good. And it reminded me to share strength and not weakness. I guess my blog works because someone, somewhere feels exactly the same at that precise moment.

My actual best message i recieved this morning and along with some amazing ‘praise’ (which i do enjoy lol) on how i’ve inspired them and done well in life ‘ simply by living,’ was one sentence of it…which read: ‘suck up the part time bull shit!’ (Hahahaha.) I LOVED it! And it actually made me ‘snap’ out of my case of ‘da blues.’ I like people who actually have the balls to tell me what they really think. I find it very attractive. Plus, it just made me realize how lucky i am, and how stupid i was being. No-one likes a moody bastard. It’s boring. I’m happy again. I was just having a moment. I’m actually doing well in life, and having fun. I keep forgetting that & mainly because i’m 99% retarded…(which might i add is 1% GOOD.) A boy once said that to me in LA when i told him i couldn’t possibly date him because i was 99% ‘tard.’ (‘..that’s 1% good baby!’) lol.

Oh and i also got a few random messages from Manchurians last night, (you’re forgetting that i can see where my messages are coming from) who have decided that they’re going to ask me or well TELL me about my love life…which i’m filing under odd & childish? It’s making me think that there’s a lot going on, that i don’t really know about, but EVERYBODY else seems to. Which is quite bad form really &  really BAD KARMA!!! But ‘Ah well.’ ( I shake my head in disappointment and maybe roll my eyes a little.) I don’t have time to waste on well constructed ‘bullshit.’ If you are actually friends with this person, then just know you’re successfully making him look like a tit.

I have a great job coming up soon, that i can’t wait to tell you all about. I’m shopping today and well i’m smearing my ‘Glamour Puss- joy joy’ all over this merry world. (And maybe coughing on people a little bit.) It’s raining. What a surprise. Gonna go call LA! Can you believe that it’s flipping August already!!!!! I can’t believe how atrocious my phone bill is!!!

Kissy Kissy x

2 thoughts on “On The Way UP & totally Glamour Pussing!!”

  1. I’m truly glad to hear you feeling better Chrissie. I totally did relate with your blog from last night (although I didn’t read it until this morning) and it’s not gonna mean much as you’ve already had all your sympathy messages but I really am open for you to talk to me anytime. I’m probably the least judgemental person you’ll ever meet and I promise you, nothing could ever shock me!! I’ve heard so many insane things in my time. I’m a good listener, maybe not adviser but I’m all ears. Anyway once again I’ve rambled on! But please, do let yourself go in these blogs. It’s nice to hear your emotions raw and real. You’ve obviously got a lot going on lovely. Just keep in mind who your real friends are and keep them close by. I love you. Remember you’ve touched my heart and inspired me if not thousands of people all over the world. Stay strong sweetheart!

  2. Oh Mary…you are a delicious treat of ‘magic.’ Everytime i read one of your messages i’m completely inspired by YOU! I love you. Thankyou very very much for reading abou tmy tragic life. lol


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