On My Way Up

I worked all morning and winked all afternoon to the soothing sounds of this wonderful thing I call ‘Life.’ I’m about to make my calls to LA. I make them everyday to catch up with very missed loved ones and to be honest, i’ve felt a bit  lonely and emotional today. It’s been all work, no play and i’ve pretty much been on my own. I’m not too fond of being on my own, as i don’t have anyone to show-off to, ‘love’ upon (i’m an affectionate girl) and well…I’m a people person, a Socialite. I’m not even joking, when i say i hate being on my lonesome. I mean i’ll even start talking to myself and having in depth conversations with myself in any mirror that will have me. I’m an entertainer, so i guess if i’m not entertaining YOU, i’ll just entertain myself. Tragic really. I like to be around people. So shoot me.

Anyway, on a good note today i was told that i’m the Most Googled ‘Chrissie’ in the World…with 108 million results. It sort of makes me laugh, as there’s not that many ‘Chrissie’s’ now is there. It’s not as if my names ‘John.’ I mean the most Googled ‘John’ in the World is something right?? But whatever, i’m the most Googled ‘Chrissie,’ so i’ll crack open the champers to that, and place on my fur. (Coat not ‘bikini.) Technically, i’m Second, after ‘Chrissie Hynde,’ however if you look down the Google list, you’ll see that ‘chrissy paris hilton’ comes in seventh and I’M TAKING THAT….that’s ME!! So if i’ve appeared twice on the list 2nd and 7th, with 108 million, plus 10 million results…then i’m sure that means i win??? To be honest i don’t really care, but obviously i really do care as i’m the kinda girl who wants to win everything. I have a dangerously sexy ambitious streak in me. I smear dedication, determination and strength all over my chapters and i intend to be the best i can be….and for no real reason, other than applause, trophies and praise. Oh and leaving my mark of this goddamn world. I’m doing well. I’m happy.

I did a bit of fliming and an interview this morning. I talked to a lady who is coaching me on the world of book publishing and have had dates set up where i read a couple of my blogs to people in public! I DON’T like the idea of this. I mean who booked me for that?? It’s one thing, singing, dancing, drinking and acting a fool on stage and other having to stand there and read your life out. The last time that happened i was trapped with 12 other people, at The Dorchester, with Paris Hilton and a camera crew, after staying up for 24 hours partying. I had just written my life out in 100 words or something in the back of a black cab and was told to read it out for Jackie Collins….who just did a face of sheer shock, and then laughter. Everyone else did really well but Me. They all had really deep stories of emotional pain, which always work on the telly doesn’t it…(even though the whole of it got cut.) At the end of each one, we all got words of direction and mine was from Miss.Hilton herself who said, ‘It sounded like something Fergie would write. You should be a hip/hop rapper.’  (And she did mean ‘Fergie’ as in ‘Fergilicious’ and not as the Ginger Duchess…as that would be a bit odd???)

Having a great day although I’ve taken a bit of an emotional beat down. A lot of people have said a lot of awful things about me today. (Haha!) But i’m use to it now. If they’re not booing, i start to think i’m losing my touch. I’m the most loved and most hated hottie and that’s just how it works. It’s definitely kept me psychologically strong over the years and i’m rocketting forward and up like a Champ!! You can’t keep a good bitch down. I need a drink.

Chrissie Wunna


14 thoughts on “On My Way Up”

  1. Hang fucking on. You read… to Jackie Collins? My FAVOURITE author? I am so freaking jealous. Like, painfully jealous.
    I’m going to channel my jealousy into extra love for you, for the reason people are bitches to you. Mucho love Wunna x

  2. Scratch- I don’t need love, i want to ‘love’ upon something…until i’m no longer bored

    Perry- Yeah bitch! I read to Jackie Collins during the show…but it all ended up on the cutting room floor. Ho-hum! Oh and thankyou for being soo lovely to me today. Raised my spirits threefold. I’m Chrissie-fucking-Wunna

  3. Adam- Hahahha! Its not my fault. It’s ur destiny.

    Lynn- Aww Thank you soo much. Just what i needed to hear after my mental battering. Hahha! Kisses

  4. Chrissie… I have had a thought…. I think it’s actually YOU’RE fault he was a big fat trollop!!!
    I was going over my txt’s and I re-read yours and your exact words are as follows,
    “Fucking hell! I’m jealous! Hope he’s ugly”

    Therefore, you’ve CLEARLY cursed it… YOU MADE HIM A FUGLY BEAST!!!!!! WITH A DOG!!! IT HAD A FUCKING DOG WITH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yes i cant wait for the book either what will u call it chrissie? i neva know what ot call my book if i ever had to write one


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