On my see saw

Hi my lovelies! Apart from totally missing out on all the LA earthquake parties this evening, i haven’t really tampered in too much except jumped on my see-saw of ‘un-qualified hospital nurse’, and ‘glamour model’. I am the Queen of Greatness. My whole life has turned from being a Hollywood Lady of leisure, to bumming around England, to now, spending 5 hours of each day on Ward 2, on a stroke unit, with a bunch of old geezers, and then quickly running off, jumping on a train, and rushing my clothes off for a camera, whilst i smile with my ‘jubblies’ out! THEN, heading back to Ward 2, to look after Daddy (my soldier) and these real old hilarious men, called ‘Tom, Nick and Harry’….close right… almost too good to be true. I mean, the word ‘Dick’ was mentioned at some point, yet unfortunately had nothing to do with a name. I’m like a slutty superhero or something. Clark kent to Superman. Crap fake nurse Chrissie to Boobie model whore. I now get just as excited about seeing my frumpy old faces, on Ward 2, who bitch & moan at me, and make me fetch them their dentures, whilst trying to cope a feel, as i do going to my glamour modelling shoots. I obviously look after my daddy the most, yet if you could see how ‘Tom, Nick & Harry’s’  faces light up, when i strut in…..Oh i love it!! I make them happy. I’m not a nurse or anything, just a visitor..as they don’t seem to get many. Definite job satisfaction. God, i’m a lot nicer than i ever thought!! I need to do something evil and quickly to tarnish my image once more.

I’m loving life right now, and i can’t wait to get back to LA. I’m craving a Horlicks for some reason?? And, i’m getting ready to get an eyeful of ‘Big Brother.’ I was a bit bothered earlier, as all the HATE mail, had made me insecure about…well EVERYTHING….and who i was. I decided to go with ‘FUCK IT, I’m ACE,’ because i am. I’m beautiful, i’m hot, and you know what, i’m gonna flaunt it in ya dirty face!!! From now on i’m doing the show MY way, cos it works. I might not be the most natural looking chica to you, but your natural is quite unnatural to me. I’m a Hollywood party Princess…and this is how we do it!!! Don’t make fun of me for being a ‘character!!’ Instead turn yourself into one!! And make a stance in the world!

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  1. chrissie u are the guvna fuck the mugs who gsend u hate mail they are probably jealous insicure cuntz. u have goat a big heart if u are helping the old fridges AS well as your old man . i hope none of your pals hasve been to badly affected in the earthqukes i hope u get ot go back to hollywood soon chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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