OMG! So much has happened.

I’m currently at a library in Pontefract, attempting to blog, in order to
kill time. I haven’t managed to blog in ages, due to exciting Wunna land jiggery pokery. However, here i am…being politely glared at, trying to write a blog and well having my OWN website blocked from the¬† viewing eyes of all library lovelies, due to the fact that it has been deemed ‘pornographic.’ Lol. ūüôā I’m new,Wunna 2012 now. I’m all ‘so fresh and so clean clean,’ these days, with a baby in my arms, a smile and a handsome hubby-to-be.
I don’t posh with my frillies on…i tumble dry in stilettos and write long¬†winded books about my life. (Don’t forget to buy yours. ūüėČ ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss.’)

Anyway, the ‘’ team…which consists of Wazza and¬†I, don’t let simple things like Library rules *pause button* our path of¬†greatness. Instead, i’ve text moaned at Wazza ( because i’m a spaz at all things techy) and being the genius that he is, he has managed to get me onto my own site…at the Library…with a middle finger up to all ‘restricted¬†blocking’…and a smile at The Gods. I enjpy that my blog is¬†to ‘sexy’ for the library. It sort of makes it something of ‘worth,’…in my sick, ¬†twisted, giggly, polka dotted head. *Wiggle-wink*

Okay, so, it’s been my little brothers birthday and well Keiran and I¬†delighted in dining with ‘The Wunnas’ (even though i was knackered) to watch him grace another year, before he went out of the razzle. There’s quite a¬†lot of ‘Wunna Family’ meals and well i love that my mum keeps the family together, with love. She adores Keiran…even my Daddy does and well they’ve¬†opened their little asian hearts to him and treat him like a their own son. We’re lucky because¬†they’re a great set of parents and simply because there is nothing they wouldn’t do for us. If he needed anything, they would make sure he had it and simply out of love. I don’t think Keiran’s used to people being so lovely without question to or for him, so it certainly puts a smile on my face. I love to see him happy.
Anyhow, before the dinner, we took our ‘bubble of fairytale’ over to Kelly and Phil’s for a yummy bit of lunchio, with the kiddies. Kelly and Phil have been great to us. They’re just decent people, with warm hearts, who =
understand life and cherish us as a couple. (Kelly was there when it all happened and has helped me so much with all the Wedding plans.¬†Phil has been nothing short of wonderful to Keiran and manages to be there for him without question.) And in our life right now, with us beginning our new chapter with a ‘Wedding day’ (ya) positive, loving and supportive people is exactly what we need. Keiran and I have the most magnificent bond. I’m his dream girl and he’s my dream man. We can’t wait to get married and well we’ve noticed that when we keep it simple and just love each other and be concerned about one another and family…we’re unstoppable. We have great things happening¬†to us. We’re the luckiest couple alive and it’s a shame that a bundle of unsupportive people, feel the need to ‘drama-on’ into it. ( I mean as if some people are¬†rude enough to drill Keiran about being with¬†me, whilst rambling on about how he shouldn’t be with me …YET STILL want¬†to blag an invite to the wedding. Lol. AS IF! That’s not how life works. You don’t get to drill my hubby-to-be, or ‘drama’ text me and still¬†get¬†to come. Why would you want to anyway, if you hate our union so much, right?¬†¬†In the words of my good friends… ‘learn… some..¬†manners.’) Luckily,¬†i’m¬†not stupid and know what’s important¬† an=
d that certainly is love. Keiran and I mean a lot to each other and it’s a bond that no-one else will get. Why? Well because they don’t live it, or lack it in their own lives. But thank you to the ones that absolutely DO get =
it and always have! You’re love is greatly appreciated.
But yeah…On the whole…GREAT SATURDAY¬†with Kelly and Phil. I always feel that good hearted people should¬†be rewarded, hence why i’m having only one bridesmaid (instead of an inital thought of 5) and because¬†right now in my life, she is the person that is there for me, gone out of her WAY to help me¬†and has cherished both Keiran and I’s relationship right from the beginning…without condition. I want my wedding day to be filled with people who have always loved and supported us and people who have¬†been there for us. It’s a day to inspire love in others, as we seal our union with a kiss¬†and how can it not, when we have a room filled with pe=
ople who have done nothing but be there for¬†us and¬†love us…and i’ll say it again….without condition.
Lets roll onto Sunday! Obviously you all know we have our wedding in approx. 6 weeks. Keiran’s been working non-stop, be it at home or away and well in the little installments that he has at home, we have to try and fit =
in as much wedding planning as possible. It’s not as easy as you think, as he’s having to run his company, we have baby Ruby to adore and nurture, I have my book to promote, i’ve been filming¬†and well weddings aren’t the¬†simpliest things in the world to throw together. Well not the kinda wedding we want.
However, on Sunday, we managed to get our sexy bootays to Meadowhall to indulge in a little bit of wedding gift registry at Debenhams. if you’re not quite aware of what that is…(as i know a lot of you might not be married or getting maried) is when you pretty much get to choose a store of
your choice (we chose Debenhams,) they sign you up, hand you over a scanner and you are free to gallop around the store SCANNING in every and ANY item you want in the entire store, for your guests to purchase you. ūüôā SO MUCH¬†FUN…once you get into it. I mean, at first we were dithering around all confused and shy. However, after 5 mins of ‘scan this maybe,’ we really managed to find our inner ‘ooh laa’ and get to business. We scanned all sorts.¬†Infact everything from Hoovers, to designer dishes, to steamers, to bed sheets. Keiran wuite likes the finer things in life, as everything he scanned in was very designer and quite ‘poshy.’ It’s just a great bit of wedding experience to have with one another. yet you do find yourself going ‘oooh i really need that griddle pan’..when you’ve never really needed a ‘griddle pan’ ever. Lol. *SCAN.* We did a great job, and then couldn’t handle it anymore, so tended forward to ‘Yo’Sushi.’ Great staff at Debenhams. The lady dealing with us, couldn’t be more lovely and more excited about our wedding orlove in general. I love that.
Yo! Sushi! was great. It’s actually all you can eat on Sundays at Meadowhall and well¬†we’re salmon handroll addicts here in Wunna land, sooo¬†it really is worth every yummy, fishy moment of ‘ooh.’ I will say that we were trying to eat our monies worth. Even calculating as we went along. I’m¬†not a giant eater, because my belly gets full far too easily. However, i was determined to not leave the conveyer belt of sushi love, until i had con=
sumed the correct calculated amount. *Tragic*
Sorry, this blog has been a bit rubbish. But it’s hard trying to write¬†in a library, with people peeking over your shoulder. One smells like salt¬†and vinegar crisps and the other is apparently going to ‘smash’ someones ‘face in.’ Lovely bunch.
Life is really busy for the both os us right now. Infact keiran had the busiest day of his entire life yesterday. He had van problems, work stress, rotas to organize, new jobs to tend too, followed by timeout at the gym,¬†more van stress and a screen test. He was running around like a headless chicken, whilst i dealt with drama texts with laughter and a bit of ‘in the fridge’ champagne. *Bouji* We actually had people in our home yesterday fil=
ming us for an edit…wedged inbetween all Keiran’s ‘busiest day ever.’ We’re really lucky to have such great opportunites in our lives right now; and we truely appreciate every moment of it. Not very many couples get blessed with such ‘chance’…so we’re giving it our all and doing it with love. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and looking to the stars.
Y’know, I’m about to marry the man of my dreams…it’s the most exciting time EVER!!! I LOVE that he looked at me with lovee in his eyes yesterday, told me i was the most ¬†beautiful thing he had ever seen¬†and then said that he really does feel he is a ‘natural family man.’ Awww…. #ladiesswoonehere

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