Old Enough To Know Better Really…

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I’ve actually had quite a hilarious day. I guess i’m the kinda floozey, who can laugh at herself, when duty calls and have friends who can laugh along at Me at my sheer complete tragicness, which makes them the best people i could ever know. I mean i’m pretty useless and the feistiest of sweethearts, but it really is part of my charm. It is i tells ya! Honest! I’m the Queen of putting my foot in things. But it’s funny…at least i have stories to tell.

I’ve had a busy busy work day. Booked myself a pretty good gig too. I’m shooting for the cover of an FHM for an exotic land, and i’ve been writing parts of my Glamour Puss book, at the same time as hearing future hopeful superstars sing at badly at Me for a couple hours. One even got the hysterical shakes and had to leave for a bit, to go vomit into a public convenience. I have that effect on people. Lol.

 I’m now back in my appartment, as happy as can be, cracking up at my stupidity and watching a dwarf give a homeless lady a Lucozade, out of my window, whilst a car is crashing into another at a stop light, and a pink ‘Dirty dancing’ taxi, is swearing at a business man carrying a  My window never stops, it’s full of complete drama. I’m in the mood for cuddles and kinda fancy a pizza. My sheets are pink, my heart is full and i’m a happy little moron, ready to take on the world. I might throw on some jeans and go to the pub actually. God, my appartment building is full of handsomes!! You would die! It’s like ‘swoon’ central.

Just so you know you are reading this with the good good people of this dandy world. I hope that life treats you well and all your wildest dreams come true. I appreciate you following my rubbish life, as it fools me into believing i’m doing quite well at it. My blog is currently translated into 40 different languages, making it easier for you all to read, and funnier for me to read. I’ll often go on Google and read like the Arabic version of one of my blogs, and it’ll be all squiggly lettering, then the word ‘Floozey.’ Followed by more squiggly lettering then the words, ‘fucking slag.’ HAHAHAH…Genius!

I’m loving every moment of life, and i hope you stay a part of it. I’m going through my biggest hits of all time right now (not sure why) and that is thanks to you.

(Quote of the day: ‘Winners are positive problem solvers.’)

Lots n Lots of love

Chrissie Wunna (Out for drinks with a lovely! Purrr…)

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