Okay i’m sorry i take it back…i love England

Woke up this morning feeling GREAT!! I’ve got rid of my case of the blues, and i’m now fighting fit once more. Last night was crazy!! Infact, i thought i wrote a blog about it, yet i must have dreamt it, as it’s nowhere to be found??? Spooky!!

Anyway, i asked for more ‘Hollywood’ in my life and got it. Becareful what u wish for!! My phone rang non stop last night, all through the night…every phone i had was ringing, and on the other end of the lines….annoying boys in different time zones, who are booty calling me, trying to make me want them, asking me if i would ‘D.P’ things and tricking me into dates. Yep, one twat i USED to date, who i wish i never met (as he really was just rebound at the time) tried to TRICK me into a date. I guess, he thinks he’s smooth, yet i think he should ‘Say no to Drugs and wait until he’s at least 25.’  He actually made me thankful for being in England…. as he’s in LA!!! I NEVER ever re-date my exes, EVER!! I think if a relationship has broken down, it was because it happened to be fucking (excuse my french) BROKEN and you weren’t good enough!!! I rarely try to hammer the square block, into the triangular hole!!!! I’m smarter than that…believe it or not yet, it took a long time to learn. Plus, this boy wasn’t even good to be, infact he’s EVIL, to the point where i don’t believe i even bloody LIKE him…i feel sorry for him for. The worst person i ever dated. And under no circumstances EVER would i throw away  ‘Latin Lover,’ one of the only men, i actually  want to have sex with for the rest of my entire life, (even though i did piss him off yesterday) who can put up with the ‘chrissie wunna shite’ come what may…… for an asshole that tries to make me go on a date with him via trickery. You had you’re shot, you blew it, so deal!! Which is a polite way of saying ‘FUCK OFF LOSER!!’ ( i know i may be sounding harsh, but believe me when i say he’s EVIL.)

It kind of made me remember all the unimportant crap that goes on in LA. All the lies, all the bullshit, all the drama, all the insecurities, the fact that i can’t walk down a street without getting stopped, harassed ….wait i actually like the worshipping…so i’ll stick to just hating the Bullshit..!

I guess i just want to apologise to all my lovely british fans!! I LOVE England, and i’m so grateful to be spending the time, i’m spending here… I’m sorry for being a stroppy bitch, and you’re right… one british boy is worth 10 of the crap (maybe in the closet) boys in LA! I love it here, and i’m going to use my time wisely. I’m aware that my blogs are making me sound so bi-polar, (i promise you i am)..yet Darlings that’s the beauty of Miss.Wunna. So whilst the chimps fight it out in LA, i’ll enjoy the peace that i’m having right here in good old Yorkshire…You can’t beat it!!! I promise to not forget where i’ve come from again!!


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